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May, 2000  News

A Show of Talent: In a recent contest for T-shirt design the winner was Chelsea for this colorful design.



Harahan Theater Department: Twelve students in the Harahan Theater Program will be performing in the Jefferson Academy of Fine Arts production of Peter Pan. All performances will be held at the East Jefferson High School Auditorium on May 10th, 11th, and 12th.

All of our future stars have worked extremely hard to put on this production. We are very proud of their accomplishments this year.

"Jazzing Up the New Millennium": Last week all students at Harahan participated in the Very Special Arts Program. A full week of activities and special presentations were enjoyed by all. Guest artists included:

The East Jefferson "Jazz Band"

Musician & Teacher Stephen Lee

Musician Dennis Hill

New Orleans Opera Association Operative Production of Hansel & Gretel

Thanks to Mrs. Mary Murrell for coordinating and planning the various activities that make up this worthwhile event. We greatly appreciate you, Mary.

Winn Dixie News: On Friday May 5, Harahan Elementary was presented with a check in the amount of $1800.00 from Winn Dixie! We cannot thank Winn Dixie enough for supporting our school. If you are not already using your Winn Dixie scan card, please remember to give it to the cashier when you check out. If you have lost your card please contact the school office.


Kindergarten News

Kindergarten just finished an exciting unit on dinosaurs. We learned many facts about them. We enjoyed singing songs and learning poems.

We have many activities planned as we go into our next unit "Splish Splash." We enjoyed a field trip to The Children's Museum. We made crafts, went shopping, played in the bubbles, played restaurant and many other fun hands-on things.

We are looking forward to first grade. We are delighted to be reading the first grade reader. We are so smart!

First Grade News

First Graders are planning a grand finale activity for the end of the year. Students are selecting their favorite poems and will recite them before a selected audience. First graders are finishing a unit on the Solar System. Students are working on planet booklets, and reading books about space. Ask the 1st grade students to tell you something special about each of the planets in our Solar System.

Remember to let your child participate in the summer reading program at your nearest public library. This is a great way to continue learning throughout the summer.

Second Grade News

The second graders enjoyed planting and tending to their Easter basket grass. They were amazed to see how fast it grew and had fun comparing and measuring. The chives needed to be transplanted as they are not growing well.

We enjoyed our visit to City Park Botanical Gardens and realized what care goes into gardening. This field trip tied in nicely with our last two reading units - Insects at Work and Helping the Environment. The stories we wrote on Planet Earth were well done.

Third Grade News

The third grade has finished taking the DRA and the students did great. The majority of students are reading on grade level. Students will begin working on Mother's Day presents. Keep studying the multiplication tables. Don't stop studying now! School is not over yet.

Fourth Grade News

The fourth graders are still very busy even as the school year comes to an end. We will go bowling with our P.E. coaches on Monday, May 8. Our final field trip, "Peter Pan," will be on Friday, May 12. Many of our students will also be attending the trip to Washington, D.C. and Williamsburg, VA. This has been a challenging year for all 4th graders (and their teachers!) We appreciate the efforts of all students and their parents as we prepared for the LEAP test. We are anxiously awaiting the results. Information will be sent home regarding scores. We'd like to wish each of you a safe, restful, fun summer vacation. We'd like to extend our congratulations to Miss Wossum who will be married in July. This is a busy, exciting time for her. Best wishes from all of us.

Fifth Grade News

The 5th graders really enjoyed all of the "egg"cellent egg activities. Did you know the average egg weighs 52 grams? By the way, a gram feels about as heavy as one paper clip.

The 5th graders are excited about their DARE Graduation. It will be Thursday, May 18th at 7:30 in the school cafeteria, immediately following the General PTF meeting in the Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. All parents and friends are invited. DARE graduates are also going on a field trip to Zephyr Stadium on May 16th to celebrate being drug free.

The fifth graders recently made some delicious homemade brownies. They were especially good because of a secret ingredient Ms. Smith added. The secret ingredient came from the novel they are reading Beetles, Lightly Toasted. Make sure you ask a 5th grader if they liked the brownies!

Primary Autistic Class:

Archit "Giri" Mahajan represented Harahan Elementary in the Special Olympics held March 24th in Jefferson Parish. Giri placed 3rd in the 50 Meter Run and 4th in the Softball Throw. Congratulations!

Shanahan Hollingsworth submitted an entry in the poster contest sponsored by the N.O. Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Aquarium of the Americas. Shan will receive passes to the Aquarium for his participation. Also, his artwork will be displayed, along with the other entries, May 22-27 at Lakeside Mall.


Kindergarten Orientation/Registration: Kindergarten Orientation will be held on Monday, May 15, 9:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Teachers will share a brief overview of the Kindergarten Program.

Kindergarten and Pre-K Registration:

Please bring the following documents:

Birth Certificate

Social Security Card

Immunization Record

2 Proofs of Address


Thank You To The Mikeska Family: We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Mikeska family for their generous donation of an awning for the Bailey St. entrance. This awning certainly adds to the esthetic value of our school.