Grima Family Papers Updates
Throughout the summer of 1999, Dr. Caryn Cossé Bell was in New Orleans researching historical documents concerning the African-Americans who were members of the Grima household community during the period 1841-1880. Her work will form the basis of the interpretive program at both of our Houses.

Dr. Bell is Assistant Professor of History at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Her work focuses on slavery, the U.S. Civil War, and Reconstruction, and her book Revolution, Romanticism, and the Afro-Creole Protest Tradition in Louisiana, 1718-1869 was published by LSU Press in 1997.

Dr. Bell has generously agreed to share some of her work with us from time to time. Most of the textual quotations are taken from French-language letters in the Grima Family Papers at the Williams Research Center of the Historic New Orleans Collection (hereafter cited as WRC), and the Reynes Family Papers at the Hill Memorial Library at Louisiana State University (hereafter cited as HML). All translations are Dr. Bell's.

Please join us as we explore the world of 19th-century New Orleans.

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