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Nana Kwadwo Adu II Foundation for

Roger Wortham, M.D. (Nana Kwadwo Adu II), President

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This recently incorporated, federally tax-exempt foundation was founded with the intent of increasing the awareness of African Americans of the Republic of Ghana. Ghana is of great importance to the African Diaspora. It has steadfastly built itself since independence in 1957. In many ways its current leadership follows and builds on the work of Nkrumah. Without fanfare Ghana has worked to provide for its people and is actively seeking involvement from without and particularly from African Americans.

As a Foundation we believe that the wide range of opportunities for involvement and for development should not escape African Americans. There are opportunities to develop ideas and ventures and opportunities to build all manner of alliances in getting things done. Ghana is receptive!

Mission Statement
The aim of the Nana Kwadwo Adu II Foundation for Ghana, Inc. is to enable sustainable development in Ghana starting in the town of Adumasa. African Americans, who primarily comprise the Foundation, will work in conjunction with citizens of Ghana and in doing so will become more aware of Ghana. Specific projects in the areas of housing, public health, commerce and culture will be implemented and will have a requisite pragmatic bent; education and applied research will serve to ensure their sustainability. The Foundation will encourage the participation of its present and future members in the development of land, indigenous industry and resources in accordance with the desires, doctrines, discipline and traditions of the Ghanaian people.

We welcome your comments, especially regarding fund-raising.

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