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Welcome to the Jefferson Association for Family & Community Education, or JAFCE. Come along on an imaginary trip to a perfect world, where everyone is happy, loving and supportive. All people live together in this world harmoniously. The environment is pristine with flowering plants, beautiful trees and sparkling streams. Look above you at the fluffy white clouds in the clear blue sky, and ponder the lavender, pink and orange hues as the sun sets slowly into the deep blue lake. Hear the laughter of children playing as you walk along the lakeshore or sail in the crystal waters. At the end of the journey, you will meet others who will love and support you in a wonderful place called home. Sound inviting?

If you truly believe that we can have a clean environment, happy families and a well educated society, come with us on this journey to make the world a better place. The care and support you can provide is needed every day by your family, community and the world. We are waiting for you...the trip is rewarding and great fun. If you are willing to share your time, talents and creative ideas, you will make lots of new friends along the way. Take a chance, call 838-1170. Come join us.

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Updated: Feb. 16, 2002

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