FAMILY AND COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP is a national program of personal growth and effective leadership skills training. Members who enroll in these sessions learn to become better community leaders. Skills learned are used in their community action programs to accomplish changes in areas of their concern. Many members have used these skills in obtaining better job placement. Join us and learn more about this unique opportunity by calling 838-1170.


FCL/FAMILY AND COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP was a dream of Charline Warren, national president, who knew FCE members needed additional knowledge in public policy to be more successful in promoting our work with families. In 1981, after working with her Extension Director, he assisted FCE in applying for a grant from the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. FCE received money to pilot six states in the Western region. A joint partnership was created with FCE (formerly NEHC) and the Cooperative Extension Service to reach FCE members, CES agents and the community at large. Since that time, the Kellogg Foundation has funded 50 states and two territories with at least $50,000 each to implement the FCL program. Family Community Leadership continues to be a program of NAFCE, which owns the FCL logo, and has been given the authority by W. K. Kellogg to administer the program nationwide. Many states are functioning independently, but report their work and progress to NAFCE.

Thanks to our national FCE president for the above information.

For Questions or Comments, Please Email jafce@www.gnofn.org

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