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Our programs include national, state and local projects that put forth positive solutions tochallenges in our community in the areas of FAMILY & CHILDREN, LITERACY andENVIRONMENT.


SCHOLARSHIPS are awarded annually to encourage students to continue their
KIDS FOR CHARACTER will be presented at area schools this year to build
self-esteem and good values in children.
EVERY TOUCH COUNTS, in its third year at a Westbank school, it teaches
teenage parents responsible parenting skills.
Family ChoicE TV (FCE TV)
encourages viewers to take an active roll in stamping out
violence in children's programing, and pushing sponsors and stationsto make better programming available to families, as well asincreasing the quality and amount of educational programming forchildren. FCE is part of a coalition of 21 organizations who filedcomments with the Federal Communications Commission. The resultwas the passage of the three hour rule which requires broadcasters to provide at leastthree hours of quality educational programming each week for children.

BOOKS FOR NEWBORNS is an on-going program in Jefferson parish. New books are
donated to area hospitals and presented to new parents as a gift to their baby. A familythat reads together, learns together.
GOSH GIFTS encourage academic achievement and good behavior.

RECYCLING : Greeting cards, magazines, soup labels, cash register receipts are donated each
year to schools, hospitals, etc. for reuse and saved from solid waste landfill! Christmastree recycling to rebuild lake shorelines and estuaries is encouraged state wide.

SCHOLARSHIPS - At our August meeting, two scholarships for $750 each were
awarded to area high school graduates who will attend Louisiana State University.
KIDS FOR CHARACTER - This program was developed by the Joseph and Edna
Josephson Institute in Aspen, Colo., a group of non-partisan educators, young peopleand ethicists who met to share ideas on how to build character in children. "Six Pillarsof Character" were developed: respect, trustworthiness, responsibility, fairness, caringand citizenship.
The program includes several video tapes. One tape features characters from children'stelevision shows, Gullah Gullah Island, Barney, Lamb Chop, Babar, and the MagicSchoolbus, each stressing good character. This tape can be purchased in stores. Michael Josephson ,founder of the Character Counts! Coalition, discusses how to helpyoung people develop good character on another tape that is available from theCoalition. The video, KIDS FOR CHARACTER, Six Pillars of Character, will be presented by members of the Jefferson Association. If you are interested in seeing apresentation, call Martha at 838-1170.
The program has received endorsements from national and local civic and educationalorganizations, including AARP, American Red Cross, National Urban League, NationalAssn. Of State Boards of Education, National Assn. Of Catholic School Teachers,National Assn. Of Professional Educators, Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America, Boys &Girls Clubs, National Honor Society, YMCA, Points of Light Foundation, Camp FireBoys & Girls, and the United Way.
It helps kids to begin to make the right choices for themselves. It is one thing to talkabout respect, caring, trustworthiness, fairness, responsibility and citizenship. It'sanother thing to teach and show children why these characteristics are important andhow throughout your lifetime, you continue to uphold and develop these characteristics. - Jo Anne B., JAFCE president, as quoted in the Times-Picayune.
EVERY TOUCH COUNTS - Is a program which teaches teenage parents, or
parents-to-be, how to care for their infants. Through hands-on training withanatomically correct dolls, the young person learns parenting skills, safety, health, andnutrition with the help of games and teaching aids that are geared to make learning funand interesting. The sessions are taught at a school on the Westbank by JAFCEvolunteers with the permission of the principal and teachers. Sharon W. wasinstrumental in starting the program and in its continuing success in our area. AnyJefferson parish school interested in this program may call Martha at 838-1170.
FAMILY CHOICE TV - An important program for keeping violence to a minimum in
television programming during children's viewing hours, this one encourages everyoneto let stations and sponsors know we are interested in better programing for childrennationwide. When you write to the FCC, let them know that broadcasters who receivefree access to the airwaves have an obligation to serve the public interest and provideinformational and educational programming for children. We are woefully behind mostnations in defining clearly what informational and educational programming is, andproviding many hours of quality children's programming. You can write to them at:Reed Hundt, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, 1919 M Street NW,Washington, DC 20554.
Tune Out Violence Day - 33 states and Puerto Rico participated in the campaign. Louisiana
had the most pledged participants, 13,270! We continue to evaluate violence in themedia and find alternatives to it.

ENVIRONMENT: Recycling - 1) Greeting cards are collected at the JAFCE
Council meetings and mailed to St. Jude Hospital. 2) Your unwanted magazines areneeded by East Jefferson Hospital. Please remove address labels before donating.
Household Waste Survey - Results from the survey are available in 1997.

LITERACY: 1) "Gosh" gifts (new, unused items) are collected and donated to area
schools so that children can purchase them with points earned for good grades or goodbehavior. 2) Burp pads and Books for Newborns are donated annually to area hospitalsalong with burp pads handmade by members. Books are purchased new and donated byclubs to encourage new parents to read at home to their children.

For Questions or Comments, Please Email Jafce1@aol.com

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