Send completed application and dues to:

Jefferson Amateur Radio Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 73665, Metairie, La 70033

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Name Call License Class

Date of Birth ARRL Member: Yes No Spouse's Name
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Membership Class (Defined on page 2)
(Annual Dues)    Full ($25)   Family (+$12.50)
  Honorary($0)   Student($12.50)   Associate ($25)

Family member License Class ARRL Member: Yes No

Family member License Class ARRL Member: Yes No

Family member License Class ARRL Member: Yes No

Four speed dial numbers are allowed on the 147.24 / 444.0 or 145.37 repeaters.

Provide the autodial numbers and any slots already assigned. For new members slots will be assigned:

Slot Autodial Number

Slot Autodial Number

Slot Autodial Number

Slot Autodial Number

Dues: Payable ANNUALLY on a CALENDAR year (January 1 through December 31). Dues are prorated for new members. Renewals are due on January 1 Dues must be paid in order to vote or be elected to office at the January meeting. Members will be suspended if dues are not paid by March 1.



Note: This is a printable page that must be mailed or brought to a club meeting with dues. At this time there is no online application.



From the Jefferson Amateur Radio Club Bylaws:


12. The Membership shall be responsible to follow the Articles, Bylaws, and approved motions of the club, to follow the amateur code, and to support and maintain the club. It shall be the responsibility of each member to keep the Secretary advised of any changes to the information provided on the member's application. Members will be provided a copy of the club roster and the repeater user command sheets, and may add his personal speed dial numbers for the club repeater.

13. Membership classes and dues of the organization are defined as follows:

ACTIVE members have voting privileges:
A. FULL MEMBER (100% DUES): Any person holding a valid FCC Amateur Radio License or anyone having a license pending from the FCC.

B. FAMILY MEMBER (50% DUES): Each additional member of the same family residing at the same domicile of a Full member and holding a valid FCC Amateur Radio License. (Maximum dues limited to 200% for a family.)

C. HONORARY MEMBER (0% Dues): Any person voted upon by the Board of Directors to have full membership privileges for a specific time period, without the assessment of dues, in recognition of loyal, unselfish, dedicated service to the organization. The recipient must hold a valid FCC Amateur Radio License.

D. STUDENT MEMBER (50% DUES): Any full time student holding a valid FCC Amateur Radio License.

ASSOCIATE members do not have voting privileges:
A. ASSOCIATE MEMBER (100% DUES): Any person desiring to hold a valid FCC Amateur Radio License.

14. Applications for Membership: Any person may apply for membership by completing an application form and submitting it to the Membership committee with prorated dues through December 31st. (The membership committee shall make all pending applications available to the Board). The names and callsigns of new applicants shall be published in the newsletter prior to acceptance. The General Membership shall accept or reject with a simple majority vote of voting members present at a General Meeting.

15. Renewals: Members may renew their membership by paying full annual dues (i.e. no proration) by the due date. Members shall provide an updated, signed membership application with the annual dues. Any member delinquent in payment of their dues or in providing an updated membership application by the January general meeting shall not be eligible to vote in any club business or elections. A member will be suspended if dues or membership application is outstanding by the February general meeting. Any member with dues or membership application outstanding by March 1 shall be automatically dropped from membership.

16. No person shall be denied membership on the basis of race, creed, national origin, or gender.

JARC Bylaws, Page 4