Jefferson Amateur Radio Club V.E.C.

The Jefferson Amateur Radio Club Volunteer Exam Coordinator is not just a volunteer examination group. The JARC/VEC is a Volunteer Exam Coordinator reporting directly to the FCC. We service two cities; New Orleans, La and Jackson, Ms. We have been a volunteer examination group for this area since 1984, the year that the VE program began. While other local groups have come and gone our group has been consistently giving tests since its first session at the New Orleans Hamfest in the Fall of 1984. In fact some of the original volunteer examiners are still with the group.

At present we are formulating new innovations in the forwarding of our test results to the FCC. We hope in several months to be able to transfer our test results via a telephone data link to the FCC on the same day that we give the test. In other words if you take a amateur radio test with us on Sunday Morning, and pass; your results will be forwarded to the FCC that afternoon. Hopefully the FCC will act on these results early in the week so that by say Wednesday your callsign, etc. will be in the FCC computer. At present we have access to the Amateur Radio Callsign database which is updated everyday (weekdays) via Internet. Once we ascertain your new callsign, it can be disseminated via our local club net so that you can operate immediately with whatever privilidges you are accorded. This will be a big step forward compared to the old days when a new ham had to wait 8 weeks or so in order to get his license. You will still get your license via US Mail, but you will be able to operate as soon as you are listed in the FCC database of US Amateur Radio Operators.

Locally our tests are generally given at Mercy Hospital located at Bienville and N. Jefferson Davis Parkway in New Orleans. The exception being the New Orleans Hamfest and any other special event that is deemed necessary. The test site at Mercy is the Soniat Room located just inside the North Entrance to the hospital. Tests are given on Sunday Morning at 9AM and because of this there is no parking problem. In order to take a test, you will need some form of picture ID and a copy of your present amateur radio license if you have one. The fee for the test at present is five (5) dollars.

Also we administer special tests (test without graphics) for the sight impaired. Our talk-in for the test sessions are 147.24 (VHF) and 444.000 (UHF). Just ask for VEC information. Particulars for the various sessions are usually sent out via packet radio from New Orleans a week or so prior to a session. VEC Information is also disseminated over the VHF Club 2 meter net and the Jefferson ARC 2 meter net.

Van Flynn, N5ARU