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New This Month

	1.) The addition of May 1998 to the Death Notice Index.
            Plus an index to the Obits and Pictures
     	2.) The month of December is featured on the Trivia Page.
	3.) The Link of the Month is:  St. John the Baptist Parish on Gen-Web. 
	4.) "Tip of the Month" : Conquering a Formidable Foe -- Finding Too Much.	



My forgetter's getting better, But my rememberer is broke To you that may seem funny But, to me, that is no joke For when I'm "here" I'm wondering If I really should be "there" And, when I try to think it through, I haven't got a prayer! Oft times I walk into a room, Say "what am I here for?" I wrack my brain, but all in vain! A zero, is my score.

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