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P.O. Box 961

Metairie, LA 70004-0961

(Jefferson Parish is part of Metro New Orleans)
          The Jefferson Genealogical Society Inc. was organized on 14 June
     1984 and formally incorporated under the Non-Profit Corporation
     Law of the State of Louisiana on 12 February 1985.
         The object and purpose of the Society is to unite
     individuals who are interested in the study of genealogy and
     history, and to assist members in tracing and preserving records
     of their genealogy. 
          The Society strives to develop and promote a greater public
     interest in and appreciation of genealogy and the rich and
     diverse cultural heritage that forms the fabric of the State of
          The Society desires to ascertain the location of public
     records, and to preserve and duplicate the same in order that
     they may be available to students of genealogy, and to aid in
     investigations of this nature by combining the efforts and
     resources of its members, and by means of educational programs 
     to promote interest in and enlist aid for a complete archival
     program for the Parish of Jefferson, and for the State of
          The Society will occasionally publish genealogical
          The Society will collect and preserve genealogical and
     historical materials, and make them available to its members.


The Jefferson Genealogical Society Inc. meets every month on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm. The meeetings are located at the John Calvin Presbyterian Church 4201 Transcontinental Drive Metairie, LA 70006.


Send mail to the Jefferson Genealogical Society Inc. P.O. Box 961 Metairie, LA 70004-0961.






The membership dues are payable in January of each year. First time member dues (first time, new members only) are $20.00 (includes surname index). Annual renewal dues are $10.00 for an individual and $15.00 for a couple. As a member you will receive our Newsletter that is published six-times per year. We also have available our surname list with over 5,000 surnames that are cross-indexed. The cost of this index for members is $10.00 and the cost for non-members for this same surname index is $15.00. Each year we plan helpful workshops that are made available to members. We have a yearly workshop with a nationally known speaker each year that is available to our members and the public for a specified fee. The 1998 Supplement to the Surname List is now available.

SIG's (special interest groups)

The Society has several special interest groups that were formed and meet separately from the Societies meetings. The SIG's are: 1. Irish SIG 2. ROOTS SIG 3. St. Domingue SIG Email St. Domingue SIG 4. Computer SIG


Queries relating to genealogy are available for publication in our Newsletter. There is no charge for this service for members. Non-members can also have this service available at a minimal cost. Queries should be submitted to the Jefferson Genealogical Society Inc. c/o Newsletter Editor Lynn Scarengos.


President: Dwight C. Duplessis Vice president: Barbara P. De Soto Treasurer: Alfred E. LaPointe Secretary: Kay P. Caruso Board: Barbara G. Erdmann Lynn F. Scarengos Robert C. Gordon Historian: Ann Estingoy Librarian: Dwight Duplessis Membership: Barbara G. Erdmann Newsletter: Lynn F. Scarengos Program: Barbara P. DeSoto Telephone: Paulette K. Mauterer Public Relations: Frank E. Fouchi Estate Salvage: Barbara G. Erdmann Internet Representative: Robert Gordon


Go to the other LINKS on our Web-Page and you will find genealogy related sites listed. Good luck with your research and keep in mind that you begin with 2 ancestors in the 1st generation and you have 32 ancestors in the 5th generation and you will have 1,024 ancestors in the 10th generation and believe it or not when you reach the 20th generation you will have 1,048,576 ancestors. That's right, over a MILLION!!!!!!!!!! If you have a problem connecting to any link on this page please Email Webmaster: William P. Ouellette

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