Prior to September 1 of each year, the Ladies Leukemia League mails letters and grant applications to prospective researchers throughout the Gulf South Region. The deadline for response is usually mid-December. The applications and accompanying grant proposals are then placed before a panel of medical advisors who evaluate the proposals and submit recommendations to the LLL Board of Directors for funding. The selected recipients are notified and asked to attend a meeting the following May when each receives the first half of his or her award. The balance is paid to each recipient after progress of the proposals are reviewed, typically 6 months later.

Researchers who wish to apply for grant assistance can consult the following sections for instructions and required forms, all in printable format:

Grant Regulations

  1. Notification of the awarding of the Ladies Leukemia League grants shall be no later than May 1st, with the award to be presented at the May Annual Meeting of the Ladies Leukemia League.

  2. The Ladies Leukemia League shall make grant disbursements directly to the institution (research center, hospital, university, et cetera) with which the recipient is presently affiliated, as shown on the application. In the event the recipient should transfer to another institution, recipient must notify the Ladies Leukemia League prior to the transferring of such funds.

  3. The recipient of the grant shall be awarded fifty percent (50%) of the grant sum at the time of the May announcement. The balance shall be paid when the recipient reaches the midway point of the research project, or 6 months after the initial payment, whichever comes first. In either case the recipient shall submit a brief written report giving the status of the research and requesting the balance of the grant. If it is anticipated that the research project will require more than a twelve (12) month period (June 1 - May 31) for completion, the recipient should so state.

  4. The proceeds of all research grants shall be used only for the payment of personnel, equipment, consumables and other direct expenses. No indirect, general or administrative expenses are to be paid from the proceeds of the research grant.

  5. If, for any reason, the project is interrupted or suspended, the Ladies Leukemia League must be notified immediately in writing. If the period of interruption exceeds four (4) months, all unexpended funds must be returned, unless the recipient and the Ladies Leukemia League agree upon a mutually acceptable alternative.

  6. If the recipient leaves the Gulf South Region (including the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas) before completion of the research project, all unused funds must be returned.

  7. Once the research project has been completed, a brief written report shall be submitted to the Ladies Leukemia League. In all cases the report must be submitted within twelve (12) months from the receipt of the research grant, unless an extension has been granted under Paragraph 3 above.

  8. At the expiration of the twelve (12) month period (June 1-May 31), a financial accounting shall be submitted to the Ladies Leukemia League for review. A financial accounting shall be submitted at the end of the twelve (12) month period, even if an extension has been applied for or granted. If an extension is granted, a final financial accounting shall be submitted when the extension expires.

  9. If upon completion of the project not all funds have been expended, then the remaining balance shall be returned to the Ladies Leukemia League within 90 days.

  10. There is a cap of $35,000 per recipient. Any funding above the $35,000 must be approved by a majority of the Board of Directors of the Ladies Leukemia League.

  11. The Ladies Leukemia League grant account maintained by any grant recipient shall contain ONLY FUNDS GRANTED BY LADIES LEUKEMIA LEAGUE.

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Medical Advisory Panel

Jayne Gurtler, M.D.
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E. Ralph Lupin, M.D.
Oliver Sartor, M.D.
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