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234 Loyola Suite 421 N.O. , LA 70112
(504) 581-9106 (phone and fax)

The League of Women Voters was organized nationally in 1920, after all women were given the vote for the purpose of registering voters, studying issues of importance to the electorate and educating both its own members
and, through them, the community as a whole. 

The League also collects and distributes non-partisan election information on candidates and issues. The League NEVER endorses or rates a candidate. 


The League of Women Voters of New Orleans, at this time, does not follow the traditional League format of having "unit" meetings  in a different parts of the city and at different times, but all with the same agenda and topic for study and discussion.  Lately, LWVNO holds general meetings for its members and the public on pressing public policy issues, roughly monthly.

In December, a social meeting is held instead of an issue-oriented one. There are no general meetings in July and August.

All meetings welcome visitors and newcomers. Members receive a monthly newsletter, The Essentials, from the local League, and quarterly, issue-oriented magazines from the state and national Leagues. 

In addition, members receive the non-partisan election information published by the New Orleans League, and other pamphlets and brochures useful for contacting government offices and officials.