Juvenile Justice [title, 1976]



SUPPORT OF:  Measures to maintain a juvenile court system and ancillary facilities.

  1. Enlargement of the Youth Study Center as needed, including a sufficiently trained ["sufficiently trained," 1984] staff, and providing that only delinquent rather than neglected children are detained.
  2. Provision by the City of adequate housing for the court itself, including proper temporary holding quarters for children awaiting hearings.  {A. and B., before 1970].
  3. Administration of the court including a qualified judicial administrator and staff adequate in number and training. [1984].
  4. Selection of an administrative judge responsible for day-to-day matters, and reduction of vacation periods to one month.  [dropped in 1984 but reinserted in 1986].
  5. A family court for Orleans Parish that meets accepted criteria for an adequate bench, in number and qualifications, staff, housing, ancillary facilities, and funding.  [1976].