City Charter
Sources of Revenue
Capital Budget
Urban Environment
Zoning Change Process
Civil Service
Collective Bargaining
Juvenile Justice
Parish Courts
Parish Schools



Programs and Positions

The League program consists of issues that members choose for study and action.  The process begins with research, study and discussion.  If the member reach consensus (substantial agreement among members), the study culminates in action.   The issues adopted to be studied come, for the most part, from the local Leagues, which decide what community issues should be studied.


The League acts all all levels of government, lobbying, monitoring, and litigating to bring about change.  We also act in the community directly to open up governmental processes, to make facts more accessible and to inform citizens.




Currently the New Orleans League is studying:


City Government

  • Support of Home Rule and City Charter

  • Increased Sources of Revenue

  • Measures to Improve the Assessment System

  • Municipal Operation of Local Gas and Electric Utilities

  • Capital Budget Program

  • Urban Environment

  • Zoning Change Process

  • Civil Service

Collective Bargaining


Juvenile Justice




Orleans Parish Courts


Orleans Parish Schools



Once the League studies an issue and takes a position on it, it works to get its position implemented either as legislation or as a rule or procedural change. 

League members write letters, speak before committees, commissions, the City Council, the School Board and various other government and community entities. 

The League also works in cooperation with other groups to co-sponsor informational forums, and debates. 

Active League members are often asked to serve on state and city boards and commissions, committees and studies.