Zoning Change Process [title, 1987].



Measures to increase opportunities for citizen participation in the zoning process through:

  1. Increased requirements for advance notice to persons in the area of proposed zoning change. [1977].
  2. Regular and adequate public notices of proposed changes.  [1977]. The City should adopt a Master Plan for the City of New Orleans that is more responsive to the City's land use needs and should fully revise the Comprehensive Zoning Law in accordance with that plan.  In order to make the present zoning law more efficient and/or until the above recommendation is instituted:
  1. Follow the procedures for amending the Comprehensive Zoning Law mandated by the Home Rule Charter and stop the practice of enacting moratoria as a means of regulating land use.
  2. Change the law pertaining to the jurisdiction of the Board of Zoning Adjustments, and specify the Board's jurisdiction to hear and decide appeals of decisions of the Director of the Department of Safety and Permits. [1990].