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You can Regenerate your Physical Body Achieve Mental-Emotional Well-Being Achieve Radiant Health Improve Athletic Performance Live in Peace, Joy, Happiness

The Foundation for the Macrobiotic Way, a non-profit organization, houses extensive Resources for Healthy Living using Macrobiotic, Oriental, Chinese Traditional Ancient Health Practices.

We help you define your own healthstyle practices. Assessments and recommendations for your regeneration and well-being are presented to you through private Healthstyle Consultations, Preprinted Abstracts, (download free sample) or Special Research Reports and ORDER FORMS Preprinted Abstracts- One Question Consult send your question by email Healing Biblio & Exercise Biblio First Request International Referral- by email for travelers

Our Executive Director,Reference Librarian and Healthstyle Consultant is always available. Email: Macrobiotic-Chinese Dietary Practices The food link to health has been part of our species since homosapiens began to walk the earth. According to Robert Leakey that was about 2.5 million years ago. The long and well- documented 6,00 year history and development of Chinese herbalism has given the West an entirely fresh insight into the evolutionary development of humankind, its culture and social organization. Roughly dated between 5 mil. years and 618 B.C. this knowledge has been complied into a comprehensive system of Chinese Medicine by 206 B.C. By 1590 A.D. the most comprehensive Materia Medicia in the world was published under the title Xin Xiu Ben Cao. During the process of industrializing, food has become refined, processed, poisoned. As a result the human race is degenerating. A return to the original principles of whole food cooking is restoring individual and humanityÕs health, emotional well-being, and spiritual paths. Traditional Oriental Healing Practices food is primary, of course, but the body has to be moved, the emotional calmed, and the spirit nurtured. For these practices we turn to ancient cultures that still use healing practice on a daily basis: MEDITATION (with breath or sound or visual yantras); MOVEMENT like dance can be very specific for the organ systems that need balance or clearing ; SELF-MASSAGE to stimulate stagnate, dull or painful areas of the body, HERBS (which are very powerful foods) can be used to increase or decrease energy, clear stagnation, move energy, or heal. in your own personal healthstyle you learn to combine what you know for a unique daily routine that keeps you balanced, healthy, and happy. Regenerate your Physical Body degenerative diseases respond well to all the forms of traditional ancient healing practices e.g. dietary therapy, meditation, exercise and self-massage. With education and practice of that education you will be better able to heal yourself. Achieve Mental-Emotional Well-Being>/U> There is not need to live with personal inner pain. You can achieve a content, inner peace and live a happy life every day. Heathstyle changes using the self-treatment of a whole foods diet, exercise, meditation can bring about complete healing of body and mind. Achieve Radiant Health If you have very few physical or emotional troubles but what radiant health, you can accomplish this through lifestyle changes by acquiring a better understanding of the principles and practices of whole food cooking, breath-movement exercises, self-massage, herbs, meditation. Improve Athletic Performance In 1926 the Yale Sailing Team proved that diet can effect performance. A better understanding of whole foods cooking , breath and movement, self-massage can give you more physical stamina, flexibility and overall strength. To Live in Peace, Joy, Happiness is lifeÕs most precious gift. To achieve this every day we need the pleasure we can get from a comfortable body free of disease, a peaceful mind clear of emotional trouble, and a pure spirit of compassionate feeling that comes from doing good, having no doubt that we are walking the right path. Resources for Healthy Living ancient dietary therapy, herbs, ancient energy exercise and meditation can help you define your own personal healthstyle practices. International Referrals when you travel or what other consultations are available thru our files. Your first request is free. Healthstyle Consulting by telephone and email. Write or email for appointment. addresses your specific health concerns offering specific recommendations and referrals for changing your condition thru natural daily practices. 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