NOBC New Orleans Bicycle Club
Winter Rides

2002-03 Ride Schedule

Starting Nov. 10, 2003
Every Sunday* Until
the end of February

except Dec. 8. For Dec. 8 we will do the La/MS Team Training Ride in St. Francisville at 9:00 a.m., prior to the LaBRA scheduling meeting.

Southshore riders meet at 7:00 a.m., at the Morning Call on 17th St. for carpool to Northshore. Ride starts at 8:00 a.m. at the Tammany Trace Ranger Station [see map] Subscribe to the NOBC e-mail list to receive details.

** Dec. 8 ride will be a joint training ride in St. Francisville.

More Information

For more information, contact Randy Legeai at
(504) 988-3395
Winter Training Ride Series

The New Orleans Bicycle Club's annual Winter Training Ride Series begins November 10, 2002! Group training rides will be held on the North Shore every Sunday morning, except when they conflict with other events (see the dates below).

Be sure to participate in these group training rides through the rolling hills North of Lake Pontchartrain. To see what these rides are like, take the Virtual Training Ride from Abita Springs. These rides are aimed at riders who want to build a solid base for road and criterium racing in the Spring (and keep from getting fat in the winter).

NOVEMBER and DECEMBER "LSD*" rides will be moderately paced 60-70 mile rides geared toward general fitness maintenance, with re-grouping at each intersection if necessary.

The JANUARY - FEBRUARY "Training Ride" series will be designed to provide a gradual increase in distance and intensity, so that riders will build a solid base of road miles as they enter the competitive season.

Be sure to bring adequate cold weather gear for these rides. Temperatures on the Northshore are often significantly colder than on the Southshore. When temperatures are below 40, suggested gear would include shoe covers, helmet cover or head covering, gloves, tights, and a couple of layers that can be easily removed or unzipped. Bring enough food and water! The Spring rides will not always stop for food or water. There will be no support, mechanical, culinary or otherwise, on these rides, so come prepared.

*LSD: Long, Slow Distance

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