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The Race
by Jon Anderson

Adrenaline pulses savagely through your veins pushing you over that thin red line. Your heart hammers so fiercely you’re terrified of blowing an artery. Languid legs scream in agony. Lactic acid is merciless; it collects in deep, dark, fetid pools—then, viciously pollutes every fiber in your body. Unendurable pain pierces your soul. Your mind shrieks, "Quit, lay down in the road, and die." However, you dig deep inside and summon the strength and courage it takes to push on. This strength, this courage, this is Philip Dunham.

Philip Dunham. Oct. 1999 Philip is a 15-year-old New Orleans cyclist who broke his neck in a mountain bike accident. As a result of the accident Philip is quadriplegic and confined to a wheel chair.

While we might discover an inner strength at one race a year or maybe only at a single race in our entire lifetime, survival for Philip and his family means finding that inner strength and drive every single day. Like riding uphill, into the wind—forever. Take just a minute, close your eyes, breathe deep, and relax. Imagine your son, your daughter, or loved one in Philip’s position. The tightness in your throat, the cold-gray lump in your stomach, and the pressure behind your eyes—it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. We can’t comprehend the depth of the pain, bitterness, stress, or frustration that Philip and his family are experiencing. So, if you can help please do. Contributions can be made directly to the Philip Dunham Foundation.

The Philip Dunham Foundation
Hibernia National Bank
P.O. Box 61540 New Orleans, LA 70161

Checks should be endorsed as follows:
For Deposit Only,
The Philip Dunham Donation Account #781444677

Keep Philip and his family in your prayers!


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