Don't Get Dropped!

Hop on a wheel and ride the NOBC winter training ride series.

This photo shows the front part of the group about 15 miles into a 1995 winter training ride that started in Abita Springs. The riders are on one of the few flat stretches of road, and are heading North toward Louisiana Tung Road. The rider looking over his shoulder is local Cat. 1 rider Kenny Bellau, who rides for the Herring Gas team based in Jackson MS. These rides usually attract about 15 riders or so, depending on the weather, and speeds vary from the upper teens to the low 30's. We try (not always successfully) to keep the group together on the way out, but the ride back is often rather brisk for the lead group. Thankfully, the group usually splits on the watchtower hill otherwise known as the "Col de Watchtower" just outside of Enon and about 23 miles from Abita Springs.

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