What is the National Black MBA Association?


Who can join the NBMBAA?


Is a MBA degree necessary to become a member of the NBMBAA organization?


When was the NBMBAA formed?


How large is the NBMBAA?


What is the profile of the NBMBAA's membership?

Membership by age are as follows:
22 to 25 yrs 4%
26 to 30 yrs 21%
31 to 35 yrs 28%
36 to 40 yrs 28%
41 to 50 yrs 15%
51 and older 7%
Membership by household income follows:
up to $25,000 = 5%
$25,001 to $35,000 = 6%
$35,001 to $50,000 = 17%
$50,001 to $75,000 = 17%
$75,001 to $100,000 = 34%
$100,001 to $200,000 = 19%
greater than $200,000 = 2%


How do I benefit from joining the NBMBAA?


How many members are in the NBMBAA N.O. Chapter?


When does the NBMBAA New Orleans Chapter meet?


Where does the NBMBAA New Orleans Chapter meet?

Do I have to be a member to attend a meeting?


How much are your dues for the national and local chapter?


How do I Join or transfer my membership to the New Orleans Chapter?


How do I find out about employment opportunities?


How do I find out about scholarships, activities, and programs offered by this chapter?