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The National Black MBA Association, Inc. New Orleans Chapter will maintain a Job Bank for its members, associates, and business partners. The membership of the New Orleans Chapter comprises a talent pool of highly trained graduates receiving their advanced degrees from some of the top graduate programs across the nation. Our members have a wealth of experience in diverse key industries such as Communications, Financial Services, Management Consulting, Marketing, Education, Legal, Hospitality, and Travel. When our student members are included we an even larger talent pool of highly educated people willing to make your business or company one of the best and most highly competative organization in the nation.

By utilizing the NBMBAA, Inc. New Orleans Chapter Job Bank, your organization gains access to a very unique oppurtunity. Your organization will not only gain access to an experienced, upscale talent pool, but you also generate easier and quicker access to new talent available for internships and entry-level graduate positions at your company. If your organization would like to utilize the NBMBAA, Inc. New Orleans Chapter Job Bank, please utilize our Job Bank Form below that includes pricing and other information. Just send the information you listed on the form to the webmaster and a NBMBAA, Inc. New Orlenas Chapter respresentative will contact you within 48 hours.

Thank you for your interest in utilizing the NBMBAA, Inc. New Orleans Chapter Job Bank to help fulfill your organization's staffing requirements. In order to ensure your request is processed correctly, please complete the following information

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Please indicate the Job Bank Listing Package you would like to purchase. Donations cover the use of the NBMBAA New Orleans Job Bank, ad preparation, postage, and necessary formatting. Corporate Partners receive a 25% discount.