Employment Network

STATUS: Still in planning stages
OBJECTIVE: To link NBMBAA N.O. chapter partners and African-American enterprises with high caliber, potential employees and with a wealth of business experience that can help satisfy their business needs
TARGET MARKETS: NBMBAA corporate partners, N.O. chapter partners, NBMBAA members, African-American enterprises, the African-American professional community
MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Chapter partners submission of selection criteria, job descriptions, and job vacancies; chapter members submittal of their resumes for a resume book; computerized matching of job requirements with potential candidates
PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Job posting, computer job matching, research reports, access to an extensive database
KEY BENEFITS: Quickly identify high quality candidates to fill vacancies, cost efficiency, time efficiency, low risk opportunity for members to explore career changes, lower cost in targeting job opportunities


Leaders of Tomorrow

STATUS: In operation
OBJECTIVE: To serve as mentors and resources to marginally performing high school students who need to make good choices about college, their career, and their future.
TARGET MARKETS: Inner-city high school youth with a grade point average between C- and C+ show have demonstrated leadership potential
MAJOR ACTIVITIES: Helping to sponsor student participation at the NBMBAA Annual Conference and Exposition, serve as a positive role model and mentor to students year-round, track the development of these students from high-school through college.
PROGRAM ELEMENTS: Identifing students, providing leadership opprotunities for students, assisting students as needed.
KEY BENEFITS: An increase number of students graduationg from high school, an increase number of high school graduates pursuing a college education, enhanced self-esteem amongst participating youth.