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This section contains tips from members, staff, and other
contributors. Also included are shareware software programs
that may be useful to you in your work.


Software for Film/TV

NOTE: The software provided here is Shareware.
Please honor the agreement included with each program.

At present , we only include programs for the IBM compatible computer.

av-scr41.zip 84,400 bytes
AVScripter v4.1 --- A Two Column Script Formatter
(use with your own word processor)
script.exe 37,504 bytes
SCRIPT2 --- A Two Column Script program (self-contained)
tlpr12.zip 96,690 bytes
TelePrompter! v1.3 --- Teleprompter program
vidutils.zip 95,169 bytes
Vidutils.zip --- contains two programs, CountDown Generator v1.1
& NTSC Television Test Signal Generator v1.1
vpshow11.zip 56,418 bytes
VPShow v1.1 --- Teleprompter for Vietnamese text

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