NorthShore Unitarian Universalist Society

Worship Services for December, 1996
December 1 You don't have to be perfect to be loved.
Worship leader Yvette Breaux will present an excerpt from Rabbi Harold S. Kushner's upcoming book, How Good Do We Have to Be? and will explore what it means to be "perfect."

December 8 Dance to the Glory of God
The Creative Dance Players of Covington will tell the Christmas story in dance. This strong, beautiful and inspirational ensemble of more than 20 young women will knock your socks off! Come early for best seats. For all ages. Homily by Rev. Mauldin

December 15 Let Heaven and Angels Sing
Our NSUUS choir will joyfully offer new and traditional songs of the season. The choir sounds fabulous this year! Blair Miller, Choir Director; Rev. Mauldin, worship leader. Special collection for our partner church will be received. Worship for all ages.

December 22 Love, the Guest, is On the Way
Only when our hearts are open can love come in. Only when our hearts are open can Christmas speak to us in new, timely ways. With help form a new book, The Special Guest, and from more ancient stories, Rev. Mauldin will explore how Christmas might enter our hearts, too. Special music, The Snowman sung by Karen Giglione, played by Barbara Baudot. Gift wapping and relaxing after church.

December 24 Christmas Eve Candles and Carols
At 5:30 p.m. all ages will gather for a telling of the Christmas story, complete with music and candlelight. Afterwards, we will carol in the church neighborhood then gather in the dome for hot cocoa and finger food that you bring to share.

December 29 Gifts We Remember
Family Sharing Service. Sam Hinton will lead a service for all ages. Please bring a gift to show or tell about which has been special in your life, or perhaps describe a gift that someone has given you which touched your heart.

Worship Services for November 1996
November 3 Religion in America, Part II: One Nation Under God?
On this election day Sunday, Dr. Mauldin will examine the future for America proposed by the religious right, including prayer in schools, state control of reproductive rights, and textbook censorship. Can religious liberals passionately and aticulately present a better vision?

November 10 Guest Artist: Lisa Thiel
We are delighted to present Lisa Thiel, visionary artist and ceremonial singer shose healing prayer-songs and chants are among the most popular in the spirituality movement today. Her music is an authentic reflection of her journey to self-discovery and spiritual transformation. Lisa's tapes and CD's will be available for purchase. A free will offering will be received for Lisa. Worship Leader: Alyce Wise.

November 17 Faith Healing.
Prayer has been claimed to rid the body of ills from warts to cancer. Scientists and physicians have recently been exploring the possibility--which they once thought was ludicrous--that prayer may in fact be linked to physical healing. Does faith make a difference? (Rev. Mauldin welcomes your ideas and stories on this topic: 893-4229 or 882-6444).

November 24 For All The Saints
On this Thanksgiving Sunday, we will celebrate those individuals who have given us gifts of life and hope, individuals throughout history and those in our own lives. Service will be lead by Dr. Mauldin and participants in the "Thanksgiving Worship" workshop of Nov. 3. Choir will sing.

Worship Services for October 1996
October 6 The Still Small Voice
Dr. Mauldin recently spent three and a half months on a well deserved sabbatical. She will reflect on what she learned about herself, our church, and about that spirit which speaks to us not in the whirlwind but in the still small voice.

October 13 The Tree As Sacred Symbol
This worship service for all ages, to be held at Group Camp Site #3, Fontainebleau State Park, will be led by Dr. Mauldin and church members who will develop the service shile at the retreat. The service will also feature a play about trees by some of our children. We'll be outside, weather willing. Bring a blanket or lawn chair.

October 20 Religion in America: Part I: The Real Faith of our Founding Fathers & Mothers.
Dr. Mauldin will tell the truth about the religious faith of some of our nation's founders. Their vision was wider than the religious right currently reports, and is an inspiration to al who believe in tolerance and diversity! Part II, "One Nation Under God?" will be offered on November 3. Choir will sing.

October 27 Feet Forward to Give or Receive Good News
Sister Hilda Bamwine will speak on her experiences in Africa. She has just completed her master's degree at Loyola and returns soon to ther home in Uganda.

Worship Services for September 1996
September 1 Science and Wonder
Skepticism is a religious path, yet it need not deny wonder. Indeed, without openness and wonder, the path to new scientific knowledge will stop at a brick wall. Drawing on the work of Carl Sagan, poet Mary Oliver and others, the Rev. Jane Mauldin will conclude our 4-part series on the relationship of science and religion.

September 8 Waters of Life
Our annual gathering of the waters is a time to bring a small vial of water from a place meaningful to you. You will have the opportunity to add your water to a common bowl, "as tranquil streams that meet and merge to build a church that shall be free."
Rev. Jane Mauldin, preaching.

September 15 Reflections on Transylvania
Members of our congregation who visited our partner church in Urmos, Transylvania, in Romania, this summer will share their experiences in that ancient Unitarian holy land of suffering and hope. Rev. Jane Mauldin, worship leader.
"Stories and Slides of Transylvania" for all ages at 12:30.

September 29 Divine Tempest: The Hurricane as a Psychic Phenomenon
David Schoen, Jungian analyst and B.C.S.W., will touch on some meteorological, historical, mythological and psychological aspects of the hurricane, and consider the archetypal meanings of the hurricane in the psyches of human beings.

Worship Services for August 1996
August 4 Stewardship - The Importance of Giving Within a Spiritual Community.
Sharon "Sam" Hinton, with help from Patty and Tom Tatkins.

August 11 How/How Come
Kathleen Korb of the Community Church of New Orleans will begin our August Sermon Series: Science and Religion. Historically, science and religion has veen at loggerheads. This sermon will deal with whether the conflict is real and whether it can be resolved.

August 18 Genesis is All Right With Me
Steve Crump of the UU Church of Baton Rouge. Using the book of Genesis as a science textbook in our public schools makes as much sense as using a science textbook as a hymnal for our Sunday worship in our churches. Rev. Crump plans to offer a UU code of conduct with respect to matters concerning creationism and creationists.

August 25 Science and Mysticism
Suzanne Meyer of First Unitarian Universalist Church of New Orleans. Most people would believe it natural for science, with its rigid investigative methodology, and mysticism to be incompatible; this is not necessarily so. Some of our greatest analytical minds have given us some wonderful insights into how mysticism and science can and must coexist in trying to make sense of our universe and our place in it.

Worship Services for June 1996
June 2 Stand for Children
On this weekend of a march in DC led by the Children's Defense Fund, Terry Jonathan Moore explores our future hopes and our present treatment of children.
June 9 Worship II
Terry Jonathan Moore concludes his sabbatical Sundays with us, preaching a sequel to the sermon with which he began last March. going deeper than exploring how we worship, he asks who or what we worship.
June 16 Good For Nothing
An ethic for Religious Liberals. Rev. Suzanne Meyer of First UU Church in New Orleans.
June 23 Summer, Shakespeare, and the Solstice
Beth Alston, NSUUS President and ministerial student will discuss the symbology and meaning of summer and the solstice, including references to Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream.
June 30 The Spirituality of Music
Jolynn Creel and Jackie Baron, music therapists at Greenbriar Hospital, will speak on Music Therapy and the spirituality of music.

Worship Services for May, 1996
May 5 Give Us Tomorrow
The Kick Off Celebration of our annual Pledge Drive. We have the power to make our dreams come true. To be followed by the 96/97 Pledge Drive Kick Off BBQ.
May 12 A Mother Like Mine
Please bring flowers for our annual Flower Communion as we reflect on the nurturing values institutionalized by Mother's Day. Terry Jonathan Moore shares a personal sermon inspired by his mother. Blair Miller sings a solo written by Theresa Moore Beach, Terry's younger sister.
May 19 Was he one of us?
To argue that Jesus could have been U.U. requires no stretch of the imagination. While it may appear self-serving to say he was one of us, we might consider the ways in which UUs agree with his theological and political vision. Rev. Steve Crump, Minister of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge.
May 26 Worth and Dignity of All People
A very special service conducted by the R.E. children, teachers, and directors. Come, learn, enjoy and show your support for NSUUS Religious Education

Worship Services for April 1996
April 7: Christianity's Inspirers
Terry Jonathan Moore will apply to this culture's dominant religion Emerson's analysis: "An institution is the lengthened shadow of one man...and all history resolves itslef very easily into the biography of a few stout and ernest persons." At the root of the Christian religion were two outstanding individualists, Jesus and Paul, with whose genius we'll seek to connect.
April 14: The Earth's Story and it's unique expression on the Northshore
Dr. Kathleen O'Gorman of Loyola University will consult with the congregation about Loyola's interest in presenting a program on the North Shore in cosmological, ecological, and bioregional education.
April 21: Elihu Palmer
Terry Jonathan Moore returns to the theme of our movement's history, considering an early American who was so liberal that he was fired from even a Universalist pulpit for preaching heresy.
April 28: Daoism
You know the yin and the yang, but what more does the Daoist tradition have to teach us. Explore with Terry Jonathan Moore as we connect with the philosophical teachings of this enigmatic Chinese religion.

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