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Sermons for The Season of Thanksgiving
November 2 How to Cope When Life Falls Apart
When the bottom drops out of our life, how can life ever become meaningful again? The well-known story of the raising of Lazarus, from the Gospel of John, when read not as fact but as myth, reveals essential steps for recovering from life's worst nightmares . . . so we can once again feel thankful to be alive.

November 9 Don't Just Survive . . . Thrive
Do you long for a problem-free, smooth-sailing life? Do you wish problems would just go away? Lots of people hope and pray for an end to their problems. But problems can become something to give thanks for! Discover how a thankful instead of anxious response to problems can turn them into blessings.

November 16 Develop the Attitude of Gratitude
Thanksgiving can be a once-a-year event . . . or a window onto how to live life with gratitude, instead of being critical and complaining, every single day.

November 23 Are You Enjoying the Good Life?
The Twenty-Third Psalm, which is not only the best known of all literature from our Judeo heritage, but has become a part of the world's great literature, contains an often overlooked but vital key to enjoying a good life every day.

November 30 I Believe in Angels
. . . but perhaps not the kind you're thinking of! The first of a series of messages that take a look at the Christmas stories from a very different perspective. Discover the angels in your life.

Sermons for October
October 5 It's No One's Journey But Your Own
The fourth in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: A Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning. We're all on a journey, in search of a sacred treasure. What we're searching for is a sense of our worth, our dignity, our humanity. It's our task to find ourselves as authentic human beings and bring this treasure to light in our daily living. But the journey is ours, and ours alone--not one to be imposed on us or anyone else.

October 12 If You Don't Stick Your Neck Out, You'll Never Win By a Nose
The fifth in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: The Right of Conscience and the Use of the Democratic Process. There's more to democracy than counting noses. What's often missed is that true democracy isn't rule by the majority, it's rule by the people. The majority is not the people, only the largest fraction of the people. Slavery and the holocaust show how terribly tyrannous the rule of the majority can be. Democracy is the spiritual idea that people should rule themselves because no one is privileged. Every person has inherent worth and dignity, and none is more worthy than another. All are responsible for the well-being of every other person, and everyone should participate for the good of all.

October 19 Shed Your Shell and Live More Abundantly
The sixth in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: World Community with Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All. Individuals standing alone have about as much strength as stones lying around on the ground; it's only when a mason picks them up and builds a wall that they become powerful. You can't have Yin without Yang. If life is to be the best it can be, we need the creative tension that emerges not in isolation but in community, as we move together in a dance.

October 26 No Snowflake In An Avalanche Ever Feels Responsible
The seventh in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: The Interdependent Web of All Existence. "What goes around, comes around," we say. The Taoists say, "Returning is the motion of the Tao." Jesus said, "What you sow, you also reap." Hindus and Buddhists call it karma. Because we're all interlinked and interdependent, whether we live with integrity in the little things of daily life has a profound impact on the state of the world.

Worship Services for September 1997
September 7 Looking at the Bright Side of Things Never Hurt Anyone's Eyes
Is your life more like a well or a spring? Drawing water from a well with a pail can be hard work. You don't get too much, and the water's still not rich in oxygen. But spring water just bubbles up, abundant and fresh, and is readily available. Whether our lives are more like a well or a spring depends on the eyes through which we look at life.

September 14 We've Got It If We Can Find It
The first in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: The Inherent Worth and Dignity of All People. Something profoundly beautiful lives deep within the heart of every human being -- yes, even the ones we can't stand! When we start to experience ourselves as incredibly beautiful, we begin to bring out the beauty in those whose lives are anything but beautiful.

September 21 The Theater Is a Great Equalizer
The second in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: Justice, Equity, and Compassion in Human Relations. Poverty, hunger, squalor, ignorance, violence -- why do these characterize our world rather than wealth, beauty, plenty, intelligence, and peace? What we do to each other on planet earth reflects the way we feel about ourselves. You cannot legislate justice. Only just people can create justice. When we change how we feel about ourselves, we begin to change the world.

September 28 The Crock of Compromise
The third in a series of sermons on the Seven Principles of Unitarian Universalism: The Acceptance of One Another and Spiritual Growth. As a nation, and in our families, at our jobs, and in our social life, we must live together. But what happens when we can't agree? Well, you can do your thing, I'll do mine -- unless what you want and what I want clash. There are two common techniques for resolving issues when people disagree. The first is to fight, the second to compromise. Neither is effective. Learn why resolving conflict involves growing beyond both fights and compromise.

Worship Services for August 1997
August 3 How to Cope with Stress: Go With the Flow
One of the causes of stress is our inability to be fully present in what we are doing. When life begins to flow, it's more like play than work. Discuss how to relax in the midst of great activity. Part III of the three-week series on How to Cope with Stress. Choir will sing.

August 10 Ahura Mazda or Ahriman
Rev. Katy Korb, visiting minister. This is the first installment in our three-part round-robin August sermon series on the millennium, or apocalypticism--that is, beliefs concerning the end of the world.

August 17 God Bless Our Imagination
Part 2 of the August sermon series. Imagining the end of all things requires an active imagination to say the least. We may abhor what other religious folk have imagined. But we must find a creative way of understanding and dealing with the predictions and prophecies that we find so repulsive. Welcome back to this week's pulpit guest, the Rev. Steve J. Crump, minister of the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. Rev. Ord will be in Baton Rouge this Sunday. Choir will sing.

August 24 Why Jesus Isn't Coming Again
Rev. David Ord. Part 3 of the August sermon series. Millions of American are expecting the return of Jesus around the year 2000, and they're going to be terribly disappointed. There's no such thing as the Second Coming in the Bible.

August 31 Earning Money Would Be a Pleasure If It Wasn't So Taxing
"Get your joy out of your work," I always heard as a young man. But what if you hate your job? Labor Day celebrates work, in which we spend almost a third of our lives. Discover how work can be immensely fulfilling.

Worship Services for July 1997
July 6 Capitalism versus Compassion?
Downsizing, limiting benefits and pensions, "workfare nor welfare": our society has been moving in these directions throughout the '90s. Some say this has created our present robust economy. But at what human cost? Janice Boyd will explore these issues with you this Sunday.

July 13
The Oklahoma bombing trial has been a big debate online. I am simply amazed by many of the opinions expressed. So, for my first Sunday, I want to present a slant on the trial that you won't find in the news or on the net. It's an aspect of the bombing that's been overlooked, but that affects every single one of our daily lives. When we feel so helpless in the face of our society's violence, there's a way each of us can make a difference.

July 20 How to Cope with Stress
Do you ever feel stressed out? Do you find yourself yearning for the chance to get away, perhaps dreaming of some relaxing island in the Caribbean? Do you wish life were just a little less rushed, a little easier? Part I of a three-week series on How to Cope with Stress will present concrete information that can help you in our everyday, helter-skelter society.

July 27 How to Cope with Stress
Part II of the three-week series on How to Cope with Stress will present concrete information that can help you in our everyday, helter-skelter society.

Worship Services for June 1997
June 1 Thank You, Jane!
This will be our farewell service for Rev. Mauldin, who has served us well for eleven and a half years. She will share her closing thoughts and some of our church leaders and members will also speak. If you have something that you would like to share with Jane during the service, please give Sam Hinton (639-9692) or Terry Van Brunt (626-8317) a call. Choir will sing.

June 8
Wes Williams, a Loyola Divinity School student and chaplain for the New Orleans Police Department, will be leading the service. Wes is a world traveler who has come "home" to the New Orleans area to put down some roots. His experiences and depth of spirituality will surely enlighten and move us.

June 15
Member Peter Van Duym will lead a service planned around renowned Unitarian Universalist minister David O. Rankin's sermon "For the Birds." Knowing Peter's love of the natural world, this should be a special treat.

June 22 Nietzsche: The Death of God and the Resurrection of Spirituality
The path to spiritual growth does not entail, for Nietzche, as some have thought, the abandonment of religion and spirituality. Nietzche's famous proclamation that "God is dead" was intended to awaken those who accept religious doctrines unquestioningly and uncritically, and awaken them to the mystery and wonder within; the mystery that is the source of all spirituality

June 29 Why I Do/Do Not Believe in Miracles
Yvette Breaux will lead the service. If this theme rings a bell with you and you would like to share your thoughts, please contact Yvette no later than June 22nd. If you've ever experienced one of Yvette's services, you know what a treat they are.

Worship Services for May 1997
May 4 Suffering and Forgiveness
Ministerial student Beth Alston will deliver a sermon on these topics--including the spiritual rewards available to the forgiver--incorporating Buddhist and Christian views. As an incurable eclectic, she also hopes to include some musings on her favorite "religious" holiday, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

May 11 Faith, Hope and Love from Generation X
This Mother's Day service will include our beautiful Flower Communion ceremony. Please bring a flower or budding twig for the service. We will also dedicate our newest babies. The sermon by Rev. Mauldin is inspired by the life affirmations and philosophy graffiti found in the library of Grinnell College on the girls' bathroom walls. Surprises are in store! Choir will sing.

May 18 Our Welcome to Gyogny
This morning we will welcome Gyongy Adorjani, the leader of the Women's Group and the wife of the minister of our partner church in Urmos, Romania. We hope to hear from Gyongy about life as a Unitarian in that land and what our partnership means to her, her family, and her church. Choir will sing. A very special service!

May 25 The Season Finale of Our Religious Education Program
The children and teachers of the youth R.E. department will present a beautiful service featuring songs, readings, and skits found in this year's curriculum. R.E. teachers will be especially honored. The children will also have a special good-bye for Rev. Mauldin. An annual treat!

Worship Services for April 1997
April 6 Experiencing the Holy, Part III: Between You and Me
It's been said that there are two emotional attitudes to choose from as we face the difficulties of life. They are fear and love. When we choose love, we choose a way of life which enables us to possibly experience the holy in every encounter we have with another human being. Rev. Mauldin, preaching. Time Changes: Spring forward!

April 13 Enriching Our Spirits with Poetry
Service will be led by members of our church community. We are going to share the poetry that our recent poetry class, led by Helen Mayne, has written, and we will read from our favorite poets. Choir will sing.

April 20 Experiencing the Holy, Part IV: Creating God
To assert "God" is to say that there is no situation in life so desolate and hopeless that it is devoid of the possibility of transformation into the service of love. What if God isn't a thing or a being, but is a process, a movement? Rev. Mauldin concludes her 4-part sermon series on the holy.

April 27 It's a New Day!
Our Pledge Drive kick-off Sunday will be a celebration of all we have achieved in the last twelve years and an affirmation of the new directions we plan to go in the coming year. We'll hear from Rev. Mauldin and from several church members. Choir will sing.

Worship Services for March 1997
March 2 Experiencing the Holy: In Our Daily Lives
This first in a four-part sermon series will explore how we might be open to the holy, to the spirit, during the mundane tasks of daily living. Rev. Mauldin preaching. Choir will sing.

March 9 Topic To Be Announced
Check the announcements in the order of service for March 2nd to see what the Worship Committee has planned. Please remember that a congregational meeting and vote will follow this service.

March 16 Experiencing the Holy: In the Science Lab
In this second in the four-part series, Rev. Mauldin will argue that there is no real separation between science and religion for Unitarian Universalists. In this century of quantum physics and relativity, science can help up experience new understandings of the holy.

March 23 Palm Sunday: The Desert Will Bloom
The last week of Lent is a time of difficulty, tragedy, darkness and finally light. So it is in our lives, if we will wait and walk through the desert to the life which shall be. Rev. Mauldin preaching.

March 30 Easter! Jesus from a Heretic's Point of View
Rev. Mauldin preaching. Choir will sing. Easter potluck brunch for everyone and egg hunt for the children after church.

Worship Services for February 1997
February 2 Visions
Through a lengthy process concluded just about a year ago, our congregation wrote a mission statement and a church covenant. Now we have several options for our future and it is time to make some critical decisions. Rev. Mauldin and several church members will share their visions for the future of our congregation. What is your vision? Rev. Mauldin welcomes your input and your participation in this service. This is a very important service for the future of our church. Please attend. Choir will sing.

February 9 Mardi Gras Mambo Jambalaya
Special feature: stories and songs about Cajun Mardi Gras with New Orleans singer and storyteller "Papillion" (Terry Hanks). Rev. Jane Mauldin, worship leader. You are invited to mask, bewig, or costume for the service.

February 16 Empowerment: A Spiritual Journey
Ever thought you had discovered the secret of successful prayer, only to find that at the next bended knee you didn't get through? More prayers are aborted on the day they were to become visible in form and experience because the individual "saw" the prayer unanswered and felt that the good would not come to pass, thus destroying the emerging thought-form in process. Discover the art and science of prayer with Sue Berger-deRada, worship leader. Choir will sing

February 23 This is What I Think: My Favorite Beliefs and Conflicts
At last year's auction, Rev. Mauldin offered a sermon for sale. The successful bidder, David Damour, challenges her to address this topic.

Worship Services for January 1997
January 5 Beginning Again
On this New Year's Sunday, we will "burn away" the old and give voice to that which we hope shall be new. Rev. Mauldin will reflect on the idea that, although we may never forget the past, there is hope for our lives when we can forgive ourselves and others. That is when we truly "begin again."

January 12 Guest Speaker: Medicine Hawk
Our guest speaker is a well-known and highly respected Native American teacher and leader in our area. His topic will be the pipe ceremony. Keith Pederson will be worship leader.

January 19 Victims of Fate or Creators of Destiny?
Given the increase in crime and violence in our communities, we must ask: are we, and are career criminals, victims of our own lives, or are we free to choose our lives' directions? Based on a fascinating new book The Soul's Code: in Search of Character and Calling by Jungian analyst James Hillman, Rev. Mauldin will suggest that beyond the either/or categories of genetics and environment, there is a third quality which dramatically shapes our lives.

January 26 Frostiana
The poetry of Robert Frost will be spoken and sung, featuring the 24-voice choir of the Baton Rouge Unitarian Church. A very special service! Ila Stoltzfus, music director; Rev. Jane Mauldin, worship leader. Our congregation will provide a hot soup and breads pot luck for ourselves and the members of the Baton Rouge choir.

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