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Sermons for January

How did you read this week's sermon title? Opportunity is nowhere? Look again! What 1998 will bring forth depends in large measure on how we read that sermon title!
January 11 Do You Believe in the "Supernatural?"
Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe there are supernatural beings called "angels?" Millions of people have had at some time in their lives one or more experiences that seem to come from a "supernatural" world. Is there really a supernatural realm?
January 18 The Reality of Voices and Visions
If you talk to enough people about their experiences, it's clear that lots of people have at some point in their lives experienced something that they would describe as supernatural. Have you ever seen a vision or heard a voice? Discover the surprising source of this common experience of the "supernatural."
January 25 A Fresh Look At Attraction
Even when we're with someone we truly love, attraction to people other than a partner is a common experience of life. What do you do if there's someone you just can't resist? And if your partner gets a crush on another person, how do you respond? In this sermon, we'll explore a different approach to attraction. Whether you find a partner or not, you'll find it challenging to rethink desire, attraction, and coping with infidelity.

Sermons for February

February 8 Don't Take Crap from Anyone . . . Especially Yourself
From the revelations about the tobacco industy's targeting of teens to Indonesia's President Suharto's family fortune of $43 billion, while his people are in poverty and he pleads for assistance from the IMF, news headlines scream at us daily that integrity is at a low ebb in modern life. How high is our IQ? (Integrity quotient, that is.)
February 15 How to Get an Answer to Prayer
Do you pray, or have you given up praying? Is there any point to prayer? Is anybody listening? Discover why it pays to pray, who to pray to, how to pray . . . and how to get an answer to your prayers.
February 22 The Bull Can Do It in Ten Seconds!
(Come in a Mardi Gras costume if you have one.) At the grocery store and the mall, in romance, and in business, many of us leap before we look. Being impulsive can be disastrous. How good are you at thinking before you act?

Sermons for March

March 1 A Matter of Principle
If we don't have a creed, do we have to believe the principles of the Unitarian Universalist Association? The Reverend Kathleen Damewood Korb. David will preach at Community Unitarian Universalist Church on the lakefront in New Orleans, in a pulpit exchange with their minister.
March 8 Life Is a Whodunit
Science asks the question of how life happened, and in recent years has tended to avoid the question of why it happened. But now, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, science teamed with spirituality may offer us clues to the big question "Why? Why a universe at all? Is their meaning to the cosmos ... and to our existence as individuals?"
March 15 Justice Within
Beth Alston, candidate for the Unitarian Universalist ministry, will preach a sermon which will be entered into the 1998 Vision of Justice Service Award Competition sponsored by the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. The sermon will discuss the legal system's failure to incorporate spirituality into the institutionalized conflict resolution process in this country. Sermons entered into the UUSC competition "will be judged for their clear expression of Unitarian Universalist principles as they are put into practice through current UUSC international or domestic programs." Come make your own evaluation of whether Beth's sermon accomplishes this goal..
March 22 If There's a God, Can You Know This God Personally?
For two thousand years the Western world has been steeped in the idea of a personal God. What's traditionally been meant, of course, is a being called God. This sermon proposes that there is no such being as God -- and that because there is no such person, the divine can be experienced in the most personal way possible.
March 29 To Be Announced

Sermons for April


April 5 - Palm Sunday - "Two Asses Are Better Than One"

Fulfillment in everyday life comes from discovering and capitalizing on our uniqueness, then using it to touch the lives of those close to us, our society, and our world. An interpretation of the traditional Palm Sunday story in a very, very different key.


April 12 - Easter Sunday - "Death Is No Stranger"

It's a mistake to think we don't experience death until we die. We are quite familiar with it. We have been dying to various stages of our development all along. Death, repeated many times in life, is how our true self is hatched.


April 19 - "Flying in and Out of Time"

If life is a process of repeatedly dying to our present understanding of ourselves and being reborn to a larger sense of ourselves, might it make sense to see physical death as the climax of this process of liberation of the true self? Could it be that the self, stretched to the full and fully appropriated, finally intends a cosmic existence to which death is the opening?


April 26 - "Here Is There and Then Is Now"

As long as we are confined in mortal bodies, we are limited to a three-dimensional existence. Space and time rule us. But what if our ultimate destiny is to become larger than life? Death then becomes a climactic growth crisis, a culmination of the transformation we have been undergoing all our lives long.

Sermons for May


May 3 - "What's the Point of Praying for Others?"

To pray for others in times of sickness or crisis is almost reflexive. Something in us wants to go out to them. But who's listening? And if anyone were listening, how would they actually do anything about the situation? Be prepared for some surprises as we consider how science may be opening new doors to understanding the spirit!


May 10 - Mothers' Day - "The Joker Is Wild"

Why do so many kids grow up into troubled adults? Teen suicide is epidemic. Depression in adults is widespread. Junior High students vandalize property or use guns on their classmates. What's behind our kids' dysfunctional behavior? In this Mothers' Day message, we'll take a look at the single most important thing a mother can do for her children. Without this, we practically guarantee that our kids will grow up either sad or mad.


May 17 - "Satan Is Alive and Well On Planet Earth!"

The concept of the Satan is found in the Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, and Christian religions, among others. The idea that the world's evils originate with the devil has been popular for millennia. Satan gets blamed for almost everything. Yet the saying that "the devil made me do it" is a lot closer tothe mark than many realize! It's just that this devil is a whole lot different from the one of popular imagination. Join us for a glimpse of the real cause of evil.


May 24 - "A Lesson from a Packed Lunch"

If Unitarian Universalism is making a difference in our lives, why wouldn't we want to share it with everyone? Until all who seek a spiritual home in St Tammany parish have heard that there's an alternative to traditional religions, we've got our work cut out.


May 31 - A Presentation by the Religious Education Department



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