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The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil

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(Archdiocese of Orleans)
(OCCA - S.S.B.)

Information on this Church (Jurisdiction) in the New Orleans area is listed under Holy Innocents Orthodox Church.


Holy Innocents Orthodox Church (OCCA - S.S.B.)


Holy Innocents Orthodox Church, 311 Hickory Ave., Harahan, Louisiana 70123, (504) 738-3502, is a Western Rite Orthodox Church of The Basilian Fathers (see Notes), affiliated with The Orthodox Catholic Archdiocese of Louisiana, of the Orthodox Catholic Church of the Americas, and in conjunction with The American Orthodox Church. The physical plant, in Western terms, would be classified as a Chapel, due to its small size. Its lineage is Russian Orthodox, and Eastern Rite Liturgy is observed in special schedules as an accommodation. Retreat scheduling for St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church is made at Holy Innocents. Holy Innocents also sponsors HOLY INNOCENTS ORTHODOX CHURCH (HIOC) BBS.

Most Rev. John, S.S.B., (Retired Archbishop and Superior General of The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil) (see Notes)

Most Rev. Paul, S.S.B. Metropolitan Archbishop, current Superior General, Pastor


Divine Liturgy (Mass), every Sunday at 10:00 AM, followed by coffee 'social' at 11:00 AM. We have a tradition of weekday Divine Liturgy at 8:00 AM, but one should contact Holy Innocents the day prior to anticipated weekday attendance due to the possibili ty of schedule conflicts. Please telephone or check the HIOC BBS or Church Bulletin for weekday schedules. Saturdays have a special schedule.

All who have been Baptized and Chrismated (Confirmed) are encouraged to receive The Sacred Mystery (Holy Communion).

Baptisms and Chrismation (Confirmation) may be scheduled two or more weeks in advance, for children and adults who have never received these Sacraments, and who desire to join The Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church (after the Catechumate for adul ts).

Reception of Converts, for those who have been Baptized and Confirmed in another Jurisdiction of The Holy Orthodox Catholic and Apostolic Church, or in The Holy Roman Catholic and Apostolic Church, may be scheduled two or more weeks in advance (after the Catechumate, if appropriate).

Holy Matrimony should be scheduled at least three months in advance, but may be arranged in less time depending on the circumstances. We are not a marriage mill, and will not marry just anyone - interviews are required for those with whom we are not very familiar.

Absolution/Confession, is available from 9:30 AM to 9:45 AM, Sundays, before Divine Liturgy, on request at virtually all times, and during the first fifteen minutes of the half hour just prior to weekday Divine Liturgy.

Anointing of the Sick (Extreme Unction, Holy Anointing) is available after Sunday Divine Liturgy, and with visitation of the sick, on request. Please notify us if you, family, or a friend, become ill, are hospitalized, or desire a visit. You need not be ill to request a visit.

Blessing of a Home is usually done on the Feast of The Epiphany/Theophany (January 6), or when a family moves into a new home. It should be scheduled a week or so in advance. The house need not be all in order.

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St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church/Retreat House (OCCA)

St. Mary Magdalene Orthodox Church, 125 Hartsie Drive - 150 Angell Lane, Waveland, Mississippi 39576 (228) 466-4508


St. Mary Magdalene is primarily a retreat house. Anyone wishing to conduct or participate in a one day retreat for a group or an individual should call either St. Mary Magdalene, or Holy Innocents to schedule. We encourage everyone to go on a retreat at least once each year - more often if possible. Talks on various special s ubjects can be arranged for groups in retreat, and those on private retreat will be left alone as they desire. Overnight retreats are available - sleeping facilities are dormitory style.

St. Mary Madgalene holds an open retreat on the first Saturday of every month. Grounds open at 9 AM, Divine Liturgy begins at 11:15 AM, grounds close no sooner than 1 PM and no later than 4 PM, closing time dependent on attendance. If you intend to part icipate, you MUST contact Holy Innocents to make reservations no later than 9:00 PM of the Wednesday immediately preceding the first Saturday retreat. There is plenty of coffee and chicken noodle soup, but you must bring anything other than that which yo u wish to consume. We suggest you contact Archbishop Paul, S.S.B. for last minute schedule changes and other details, or go to our main communications center S.S.B. Communications Center f or up to date information.

Directions: Take I-10 East through Slidell. Cross the Louisiana - Mississippi State line; pass up the truck scales and take the first exit after the truck scales. This is the scenic route to the beaches. (Some people call this the Hwy. 90 exit.) Stay on the highway, until you arrive in Waveland (about 17 miles from I-10). Turn right at the first traffic light, go down the road toward the beach, cross over the rail road tracks and turn left on Central Ave. whi ch is the first road over the rail road tracks. Stay on Central until you reach Coleman Ave., which is located at the first stop sign you will come to. Turn right on Coleman and you will see the beach road ahead. Turn right on Beach Road., go two block s to Hartsie, turn right on Hartsie, travel 550 feet until the bend in the road. St. Mary Magdalene is on the left.

Or, I-10 to Miss Hwy 603 (43), also known as Kiln Rd.., then South on Hwy 603 (43) (Kiln Rd.), cross over U. S. Hwy. 90 [Hwy 603 (43) changes its name to Nicholson Ave.], to the Beach, right on Beach Road, pass Coleman Ave., and proceed as above.

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REUNION Newsletter

The Basilian Fathers (see Notes) publish REUNION Newsletter by both print and e-text, there usually being at least four issues per year, with ten or twelve issues per year not being uncommon. You may receive a free print back issue b y sending an e-mail request for a back issue to Archbishop.paul@reu.org, or by mailing a request to REUNION, 311 Hickory Ave., Harahan, Louisiana 70123 U.S.A. Please be sure to include your name, post office mailing address, and that you are requesting a back issue of REUNION. You may also read or download the current and some past issues at the S.S.B. Communications Center.

REUNION Newsletter usually includes: articles on various aspects of Orthodoxy; explores reunification of Orthodox, Roman, and other Christians; brief articles intended to assist the reader in religious matters; children's page or pages; selections from th e Bible, Early Fathers, and Confessors; and much more.

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Holy Innocents Orthodox Church (HIOC) BBS

HIOC BBS is a public, no fees, electronic bulletin board hosted by Holy Innocents. It hosts STUDIES, SERMONS, PRAYERS, BIBLE-DAY and other mailing lists, is in FidoNet 1:396/40, REUNION NET 777:100/0, BASIL NET 700:100/0 and othe r networks, and receives echoes or conferences and files from numerous systems. New users must stipulate to a "keep it clean" agreement to upgrade to full users. Please note that some inappropriate material unfortunately does get onto the BBS.

HIOC BBS can be accessed (by modem) at (504) 738-2681. If you are not familiar with using communications programs other than WWW type, you can read or down load the file BOARD.TXT for more information. It is also possible to con tact the BBS via e-mail to hioc@reu.org. You can also access the BBS from the Web at http://www.reu.org or telnet telnet://www.reu.org

The Basilian Fathers and OCCA InterNet Resources and Mailing Lists

Mailing lists information in addition to that given below, may be obtained by e-mail to listserver@reu.org with the word help in the message body.

We no longer have FTP by e-mail. To obtain files and file lists you must either access the S.S.B. Communications Center or you can log on the BBS directly and download files direct from the BBS (see BOARD.TXT above).

Bulletin We no longer maintain a copy of the current Holy Innocents parish bulletin on this site, but you may link to the S.S.B. main Web Site where it is available in ADOBE or in Hypertext. You may also wish to just "brouse" the S.S.B. main Web Site.

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FILE_LIST We try to keep a current list of religiously oriented files available on HIOC BBS, available on this web page as HIOCREL.TXT. You may wish to view or download this file. Instructions on obtaining the files are elsewhere on this site, and in the file list.

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The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil (S.S.B. - the Basilian Fathers) Main InterNet Communications Center, with back issues of REUNION, liturgies, religious icon files, writings of the Early Fathers of the Church, message center, education and mana gement files and programs, retreat and other schedules, and much more (continually under construction) http://www.reu.org or telnet telnet://www.reu.org

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Notes and Notations

Notation regarding the Basilians: At this time there are only a few religious orders and organizations which use the titles or names The Basilians, or the Basilian Fathers. Most of them do not appear to be related to each other. The Basilian Fat hers, and The Society of Saint Basil, and The Society of Clerks Secular of Saint Basil, here, are three autocephalic religious orders which actually are related to each other, being under one common Superior General (Western terminology), Archbisho p Paul, S.S.B., and administered under one common Vicar General, Archbishop Andres, S.S.B., of Guatemala.


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