As a business organization, the Chamber must provide more ways to help our membership, by leveling the playing field with each opportunity to provide services to the membership.

Bartering isn't new in the business world, it has been a part of the economy since the turn of the century. However, in the minority and disadvantaged communities bartering isn't used to move services and products that will allow small to mid-size business to remain competitive.

Bartering is used to move the products and services for individuals and corporations on a continuing basis to earn Trade Dollars, and enable you to earn Trade dollars on a regular basis for the services and products that fail to move on a day to day, or monthly pace. Bartering will allow the small to mid-size business person to trade these non-moving items for Trade Dollars. Using Trade Dollars instead of liquid cash helps to defray the monthly hard cost each business faces monthly.

As a business organization, we must encourage our membership to stop dreaming and become "do-ers" by providing opportunities that no other business organization offers to small, mid-size and disadvantaged businesses that will fulfill the needs of our membership. Bartering will:

  1. Provide the additional 30% lending institutions cannot or will not lend;
  2. Provide Venture Capital for your business;
  3. Do Joint Ventures with your business;
  4. Assist a business in going public; and
  5. Provide management and technical knowledge.
The Chamber can become a viable business organization by these amenities to our membership, we must meet the needs of our membership and place the chamber into a win, win situation to be in a position to better bargain for our members by;
  1. Helping emerging small, mid-size and disadvantage businesses, financial support needed to remain competitive (without cost to the Chamber).
  2. Receive compensation for the services the Chamber will provide to its members.
  3. Provide employment opportunities for the services the Chamber will provide to its members.
  4. Provide clients with global accessibility to move their products and services.
  5. Increase business income 20-30% without an increase in their hard cost.
For more information regarding the bartering program, Contact Sylvester Williams at the Chamber at ( 504) 539-9450.
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