First American Group Purchasing Association provides the Southeast Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce with a turn-key benefits program designed to save members literally thousands of dollars on all of thier purchases made through GPA suppliers. By improving the SLBCC's benefits packets, First American helps the Chamber keep current members happy. Most importantly, since the program is under the name of the Chamber, member of the Chamber ar automatically First Amercican GPA member at no additional cost.

First American and Affinity Resources Inc., the GPA's association marketing division, customizes the vendor network and benefits package based on SLBCC's needs. This custom tailored approach maximizes the program's effectivenness and value to Chamber members. Affinity Resources also tracks the use of the GPA Programs and is always searching for new and upgraded benefits to best serve our members.

The First American team has negotiated the absolute lowest cost and best discounts along with the highest quality of service in every one of the 150+ product/service categories represented. GPA vendors have not simply market up prices only to discount them giving members false sense of value. The savings are true, measurable discounts on various services which enhance the overall value of the program for Chamber members.

First American Member Benefits Include:

Savings on all Business Purchases:
SLBCC members will enjoy savings of 5 to 70% on car rental, legal and accounting services, overnight delivery, long distance, office supplies and furnishings, computers, hotels, airlines, and over 150 other business related products and services.
Frequent Purchaser Program:
This allows members to earn points on every purchase made from a GPA supplier. Once enough points are collected to purchase a product of interest, they can be redeemed a a GPA Redemption Center, or use them to receive an annual cash rebate.
College Scholarsships and Adult Literacy Programs:
GPA and its vendor network have earmarked a percentage of all GPA sales to help fund educational and adult literacy programs. As a GPA member through the Chamber, members and thier immediate family are invited to apply for GPA college scholarships based on financial need as well as acadimic excellence.
Insurance Services:
Through GPA's insurance networks, they offer SLBCC members comprehensive insurance options including; life, health,disability, retirement, pension, auto, property/casualty and wokers compensations packets all at the lowest cost available underwritten by top rated companies.
All SLBCC members are eligible for up to $75,000 of pre-approved lease dollars through our leasing cooperatives to finance business and personal equipment purchases. No application required, no processing fees and low interest and monthly payment plans.

The above are just a few of the services being provided through First American GPA. For more information, call Lenn Brown, (504) 529-2030

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