The Southeast Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce and MEDFIRST Health has teamed up for an exciting program for Chamber members. As of August 21st, MEDFIRST will be the official plan for the Chamber. MEDFIRST representatives Met with SLBCC Chairmen Joseph Ewell in an effort to prepare a customized plan to be offered exclusively to the members of the Chamber.

MEDFIRST's mission includes increasing access to quality affordable health care for individuals, small groups and large organizations. Towards this mission, MEDFIRST reduced its group rates by ten percent for Chamber members. MEDFIRST offers three plans for chamber members and their firms, businesses and families. These plans are the Point of Service (HMO/Traditional Insurance combination); the High Option; and the Basic Option. Additionally, the Chamber's health program has these advantages:

  1. All applicants, whether group, family or individual are individually evaluated.

  2. Applicants, whether group, family or individually, are billed directly. This includes corporate, business and individual Chamber members.

  3. All memberships are portable (transferable even if the member leaves the Chamber---or the firm or business in the Chamber). If the MEDFIRST subscriber has been a member of the Chamber for more than three (3) years (determined by the Chamber's membership rules), then the member can remain with MEDFIRST with the same benefits and premiums.
HMO's are the fastest growing type of health care coverage in the country. Over 56 million Americans are HMO members. Locally, MEDFIRST members enjoy excellent care by hundreds of local physicians and 20 recognized hospitals throughout the New Orleans area.

With MEDFIRST's $2 million limit, you get the complete coverage you need to feel secure about your health care. Also, immunizations, well-baby care and preventive check-ups not usually covered by traditional insurance, are standard in 's MEDFIRST's Health Plans.

With traditional insurance, the monthly premium is only the beginning of your costs. Deductibles or co-insurance can drain your budget. With MEDFIRST there are no deductibles or co-insurance costs.

Southeast Louisiana Black Chamber of Commerce members can call MEDFIRST at (504) 837-0110 to find out more about this program. Prices are determined by the plan you select and by age and gender. If you would like a price quote for you, your family or your company's employees, just give MEDFIRST a call.

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