"I have given the WBC a lot of credit. The two main things I got out of it were empowerment and how to develop a comprehensive business plan. I am not making millions of dollars, but I know that I will never go back to where I was."

Shirlee Brown S.B. Shirlee AMC

The Problem:
The barriers to starting a business are substantial enough when some women are a minority and has a low income. The barriers can seem almost insurmountable when a women on public assistance dreams of starting her own business. Yet, for some of theses women, help with starting a small business can be their first step away from public assistance and toward economic self-sufficiency.
The Solution:
Women's Business Center has developed an entrepreneurial training program for women starting or expanding a business. Women enrolled with the WBC will participate in an intense form of an entrepreneurial training program, as well as special activities and programs.
Program Services:
In its first year, more than 400 recipients participated in the Women's Business Center Programs. 1/3 of WBC participants have started their own business.
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