Dr. T's Internet Glossary

Dr. T's Internet Glossary

ver 5.07

Mirrored on a number of intranets, featured in the September, 1996, issue of CONVERGENCE the Magazine for the New Communications Industry, and with weekly definitions featured on SUNO TV Presents -- it's always nice to be recognized! (Even if at least one internet provider has stolen a version of this glossary and refuses to give me credit for it.)

We're just moving onto the info superhighway at my campus (very slowly), and so I created this glossary for my collegues and students. I don't claim it's in any way complete, and there may even be some errors (esp. typos -- spaces in the midst of words are likely caused by your browser or this server mis-reading word wraps), but I thought some newer users might find this useful. Also, many on-line abbreviations occur in "triangle brackets" (the "greater than" & "less than" symbols). However, these are used in html, and do not show up on screen. They are replaced below with whichever other bracket sets I think look best for that usage! [BEG]

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