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 Vernon & Gilda Haynes Middle School


     The school, formerly known as Vernon C. Haynes Middle school, has a long and rich history.  It was established in 1909 by the Jefferson Parish School Board.  The school's first name was Metairie Ridge School.  The original building was a wood-framed, one-room schoolhouse.  By 1912, the student enrollment had risen to 54.
     In 1929, a large brick facility was completed on the present site.  The name was changed to Metairie High School.  Grades one through twelve were taught in the new building.  With the opening of East Jefferson High School in 1955, Metairie High Became Metairie JUnior High.  The principal of the newly named school was Mr. Vernon C. Haynes.
     In 1969, the Jefferson Parish School System switched to the middle school organization.  In accordance with this change, the name of the school became Metairie Middle School.
     On November 22,1974, at a dedication ceremony held in the school gymnasium, Metairie Middle School became Vernon C. Haynes MIddle School in honor of a former principal and a distinguished educator.  The name of the school was changed again in 1977 when the parish school board decided to return to the junior high system.  On November 17, 1995, another dedication ceremony was held in order to include the name Gilda P. Haynes to our school.  Thus, the new name is the Vernon C. and Gilda P. Haynes Middle School.
     The school services families who live in what is now called "Old Metairie."  Our present enrollment is approximately 550 students.


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