Advocacy Programs

St. Vincent dePaul

St. Joseph Church has established advocacy programs with a full time staff to address the issues of poverty and homelessness, and to serve those in need.

Volunteers prepare sandwiches on a daily basis to feed approximately 120 homeless people in the Feed Jesus Sandwich Line each day.

The TCA Commodities and Food for Seniors Programs provide personal care items to the homeless, a bag of groceries to needy elderly parishioners each month, and a bag of groceries every other month to non-Seniors who are on a limited budget and in need of food. Grocery bags are provided to persons living within the boundaries of St. Joseph Parish (St. Louis Street to the Pontchartrain Expressway, and Broad Street to Saratoga).

St. Vincent de Paul Society members schedule conference times to meet with parishioners who are experiencing short-term financial difficulties and provide assistance with rent and utility bills. The Society also provides shelter vouchers and bus tokens to the homeless.

Face to Face with Homelessness

The interviews with Roosevelt and James were conducted by Michel Varisco, a Feed Jesus volunteer. She has been an on-again/off-again volunteer with the program for over 10 years. She is also a local artist and photographer. Her black and white photos of the Feed Jesus Sandwich Line can be viewed along the back wall of the church. These interviews and her photos put a human face on the people who are served in the Feed Jesus program, made possible by the work of our volunteers and by your contributions. This section is dedicated to her and to all of our volunteers who minister to the suffering Christ in our midst by serving those in need.

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Roosevelt James

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