Advocacy Programs

You can be a part of the outreach programs at St. Joseph Church as a volunteer worker, a donor of time, talent or financial contribution, and by your actions be a visible or behind-the-scenes advocate for ending homelessness and poverty.

No contribution is too small.

There are many ways that you can help. You can assist with sacramental and/or liturgical duties, such as:

    Lector or Commentator
    Eucharistic Minister
    member of the 10 a.m. choir
    Member of the 8:30 p.m. choir
    Usher or Greeter
    Altar Server
    Altar Society member
    Communion to sick and shut-ins
    Decorate the church for Advent
    Decorate the church for Christmas
    Decorate the church for Lent
    Decorate the church for Easter
Your time and talent can be of great assistance to those who staff the Parish offices. Help is needed with:
    Secretarial or receptionist duties
    Maintaining this Parish website
    Copying, folding and stuffing the weekly bulletin
    Counting the weekly collections
There are several committees on which you can serve:
    Parish Life Committee
    Social Concerns Committee
    Finance Council
    Evangelization Committee
    Physical Plant Committee
    Stewardship Committee
    Liturgy Committee
For those with these special talents, help is needed as follows:
    Cutting grass around the church
You can serve the needs of our parishioners by participating in our Religious Education efforts as follows:
    Teach in the children's CCD program
    Coordinate a program for young adults
    Sponsor a candidate in the RCIA program
    Help with the Summer Vacation Bible School
    Coordinate the Indian Mission Twinning Program
    be a member of the Indian Mission Twinning Program
    Coordinate a Scripture Study Group
There are many opportunities to participate in Parish Life activities and organizations, such as:
    Help set up coffee after Mass
    Become a member of the Knights of Columbus
    Become a member of the Blessed Mother Sodality
    Serve on the Prayer Committee
You can be an active advocate for the many social concerns and issues that St. Joseph Parish attempts to address by:
    Coordinating the Christmas Angel Program
    Volunteering to help prepare the St. Joseph Altar
    Assist with the parish health fair
    Preparing a hot meal for the Feed Jesus Program
    Preparing sandwiches for the Feed Jesus Program
    Serving sandwiches during the daily Feed Jesus Sandwich Line
In addition to making your own monetary contribution you can assist with the following fund-raising events:
    Bake Sales
    Saints game tailgate parties
    Lenten Fish Fry

    If you can help, please contact the parish secretary, Vonnie Hance, at 522-3186, ext 22, and God bless you for your generous support and assistance.

Please direct comments and questions to:

St. Joseph Church
1802 Tulane Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70112

or e-mail: