A Bride's Delight

Weddings at St. Joseph Church are a common occurence. The massive church, which boasts a main aisle 12 feet wide and 150 feet long, is called "A Bride's Delight."

The Catholic Church believes and teaches that marriage is a sacrament, a symbol of the love that Jesus Christ has for his people, the church. As a sacrament, marriage is also a covenant by which a man and woman establish a partnership of love for the whole of their lives. Marriage is ordered toward the good of the spouse and the procreation and education of children. It is meant to be a life long commitment..."till death do you part."

Catholic parishes have the responsibility of assisting couples to understand and prepare for the responsibilities of the sacrament of marriage. With that in mind, we offer the information and guidelines that follow.


    Registered and active members of St. Joseph Church, who are free to marry in the Catholic Church, are welcome to celebrate their marriage at the church. They must contact one of the parish priests at least six months prior to the planned wedding day. This is true even if one party is neither a member nor a Catholic, as long as the party is also free to marry in the Catholic Church.

    Couples request to be married at St. Joseph Church for a variety of reasons, such as family ties with the church, its beauty, etc. Therefore we are pleased to allow such weddings to occur (in accordance with Archdiocesan policy). However, we are limited in the number of ministers we have available to help prepare couples for marriage and to officiate at the wedding. If we are not able to provide a minister, or if you have your own priest or deacon in mind to do so, it is important that you make all appropriate arrangements.


If you are not a parishioner and will use a minister other than one provided by St. Joseph Church, please make the following arrangements:

    Visit the pastor of the bride at least 6 months prior to the wedding date. In a mixed marriage, visit the pastor of the Catholic party. Ask for permission to marry outside your own parish.
    Invite the pastor, assistant, deacon or other priest to officiate at your wedding. The minister who agrees to officiate will be responsible for taking you through the marriage preparation program and fulfilling all Archdiocesan rules regarding publication of bans, obtaining dispensations for a mixed marriage, etc.


    Civil Documents:
  • Birth Certificates. These must be certified photostatic copies obtained from the Bureau of Vital Statistics in the city or state of your birth.
  • Marriage License
    Church Documents:
  • Baptismal Certificates, dated within six months of the wedding day.
  • Certificate of attendance at one of the five qualified Marriage Preparation Programs offered in the Archdiocese
  • Pre-marital affidavits (in some cases)


  • Friday evening after 6 p.m.
  • saturday between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
  • Saturday evening after 6 p.m.


For use of the church:
Parishioners - $400
Non-Parishioners - $1060
A non-refundable deposit of $400 is required upon booking the church. The balance is due no later than 30 days prior to the night of the rehearsal.

Minister's Fee:
An additional fee of $200 is assessed non-parishioners if St. Joseph Church provides the marriage preparation and officiates at the wedding.

Church-Wedding Coordinator Fee::
You must use one of the two church-wedding coordinators at St. Joseph. The fee is $60, paid directly to the Coordinator.

  • Aisle runners are not allowed.
  • Flower arrangements placed on the back altar are to remain in the church.
  • Rehearsal dates and times are set by the church.
  • Parking space is available after 4pm weekdays and all day and evening on Saturdays.
  • You must inform guests to refrain from throwing rice, seed or confetti on the church porch or steps.
  • Remember your spiritual preparation for your wedding: reception of the sacrament of enance can be an excellent preparation for reception of communion and for the sacrament of matrimony.
  • Your personal involvement in your wedding and that of your attendants or relatives, such as reading from scripture, carrying the gifts to the altar, etc. is encouraged. However, all participants must be presented to the presider for his approval.
  • Consult the presider if you plan to have a wedding without Mass, as in the case of a mixed marriage.
  • We can recommend an organist and/or vocalist who can perform at your wedding.
  • Bring your marriage license to the wedding rehearsal.


Call the parish secretary (Vonnie Hance) between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. Monday through Friday at (504) 522-3186

Please direct comments and questions to:

St. Joseph Church
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