VOLLEYBALL NEW ORLEANS sponsors Spring, Summer and Fall Leagues each year. We play one night a week, currently Tuesdays, and a season lasts approximately 12 - 14 weeks.  We usually start the first two weeks of each season with some practice drills, designed to refresh and improve players skills, followed by pickup play.  In the past, we have occasionally invited guest coaches from the community to run the drills and provide instruction.  This also provides an opportunity for new players who are considering joining the league to come see what it's like, without any cost or obligation.  After this first week or two, we solicit volunteers to be team captains.  The captains meet privately and select the players for their teams.  Afterwards, there is a "draft party",  at which time the team rosters are announced.  This is followed by 8 to 10 weeks of team play, where each team plays one or two 3-game matches per night.  We finish the season with a double elimination tournament followed by an "awards party".   ..

In addition to our local league play, members are encouraged to compete in the North American Gay Volleyball Association (NAGVA) sanctioned tournaments.  These are held in many cities throughout the United States during the year and provide further opportunities to play volleyball and meet new people.  Each year, Volleyball New Orleans hosts the Mardi Gras Classic Tournament. The tournament coincides with the Martin Luther King Holiday and attracts more than 50 teams from all over the United States.  The tournament offers two days of rigorous competition at first class facilities. At night, there are exciting social events in the French Quarter. For more information, see the Mardi Gras Classic web page.

Season dues are set by the board, based on the cost of facilities, and have varied from $25 to $40.  For the first season they play beginning after May, each member must pay an additional $25 for annual NAGVA dues for June to the following May. Dues must be paid prior to the draft.  Players are not usually added after teams are drafted. 

This page last updated May 1,  2001