DXpeditions by KB5GL:

March, 1998

Providencia HK0/KB5GL

NA- 049

Celebrating his 50th anniversary in ham radio!

KB5GL/5 & xyl Adele boarding the boat to Ship Island, NA-082

17 Mar 2001: Silvano has the container with the R5 antenna and the dolly with the 875a. marine battery and the Kenwood 570D. Adele has the mast, cable and the lunch! Operation began at 1726 UTC and ended after 2hrs because the boat was leaving early due to bad weather. 184 stations (90% EU) were logged.

In the rush to take down antenna, Adele fell and fractured two ribs!!

Two more attempts were made to operate there (April 28 and April, 29, 2001) but very poor propagation (A = 24, K = 7) allowed only 165 contacts in 4 hours of operation.

Note: No one is allowed on the island from sunset to sun rise.


ZK1YRE/IT9YRE and ZK1AGL/KB5GL - Mangaia Is. OC-159, South Cook: Nov.1 - Nov.8, 2000

The accomodations
Silvano, ZK1AGL/KB5GL, xyl-Adele, and Nando/ZK1YRE/IT9YRE
The back yard!
Smile for the camera!
Nando, ZK1YRE/IT9YRE and Silvano, ZK1AGL/KB5GL
Over 8,000 QSOs and 150 DXCC entities were logged in 6 days with TS-570 and FT-100 into R5 vertical on 12m mast. A new IOTA, Mangaia Island is located 125 miles South East of Rarotonga in the South Cook Islands.

KB5GL/4 Marco Island, FL *** NA-052 *** April 24-26, 2002

Kenwood TS-570 (100w), Cushcraft R5, 1200+ QSOs.

Silvano KB5GL/4 at Marco Is. NA-052
R5 mounted on the balcony of the 14th floor room.
xyl Adele enjoying a seafood meal!
View of the beAch from the 14th floor.

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