Happy 90th Birthday to W5JG!

At the regular DDXA monthly meeting, held at Smiley's Restaurant on 4 August 00, the club surprised Lindsey, W5JG, with a cake to celebrate his 90th birthday. In addition to regular members, there were several guests in attendance:


Lindsey gets to blow out the candles (fire code prohibited use of all of them!).

Lindsey and Ruth
Mickey, K5MC (LA-SM), addressing the members. Seated (left) are Dallas, K1DW (DDXA President), and Linda Ward. Back to camera is Russ, AD5W.
Bob, K5IQ (DDXA VP) and Carleen Dunn.
Shirley/N5GGO, Chris/W5CTV and Mable Vincent, Wondy/K5KR.
Rae Sara Mayer and Mike/W5ZPA
Bruce/K5HAA and Dotsey Stevenson.
Esperanza Fingerman and Milt/N5NO.
Tom/WM9M and Pat Drake (WD8LLR).
Lil Uhl, Lindsey/W5JG, Ruth Smith, Frank/W5UP, and John Uhl/W5ZE.



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