Delta DX Association Field Day

23 - 25 June 2000

The annual Delta DX Association Field Day activities were again held at the Bonnabel boat launch in Metairie. Special thanks to:

Operating in the 2A category (2 stations on auxilliary power), the final score was approximately 7,000 points, from 376 contacts on 6m; 863 contacts on SB; 886 contacts on CW; and 3 contacts via satellite.

If you do it this way, it will NEVER come down ...

Chris/W5CTV and Tom/WM9M, assembling the ladder tower.

Lawrence of Arabia (right), directing the erection ceremony.

How did you say this was suppose to connect???

Standing: Dallas/K1DW (DDXA Pres), Randy/WX5L; seated: Pete/K1PTI and Frank/K1EBY.

Here's the 20m vertical for the QRPp rig ...

Bob/K5IQ, DDXA VP, and Gil/N5UK, going for some QRPp points.

OK, OK ... I know South America is booming in - I'm turning as fast as I can!

Randy/WX5L checking out the 6m beam.

... and to think that I used to be able to do this for 48 hours!

Dallas, K1DW, at the CW position.

Let's see ... now where's the gol-durn G ?!!

Wes/W5VBX at the Sideband position.

As soon as the youngsters finish working, we'll start operating.

Don/W5FKX, Dallas/K1DW, Wondy/K5KR, Shelby/W5SNU, Stan/W5JYK, Randy/WX5L.

Hmm ... the instructions say that the big thingy should go to the little thingy ...


... and this group functions like a well-oiled machine ...

Bob/K5IQ (DDXA VP and LA Section Public Info Officer), being interviewed by a local TV station.

Gull's eye view of the site.

During the interviews, they NEVER told me it got this hot down here!

Tom/WM9M, Chief FD Antenna Specialist, Grade A1.

From the gull's eye - at 1,000 ft.
Stan/W5JYK ready to launch the 160m balloon vertical.

A turtle's eye-view of the site.

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