9 - 12 June 2000

During a fishing trip with my son Don/KM5FP on the Deshka River near Wasilla, Alaska, I was able to also enjoy some brief moments of HF operation as KL7/W5FKX. The location was about 100 miles NW of Anchorage. Operating time was very limited, as we left the cabin at 1330 UTC (5:30 AM local) to begin fishing, and usually did not return until 0100 UTC (1700 local). With dinner and other necessities before bedtime, little operating time was available within good propagation windows. Despite this, it was an opportunity to try out a compact station package that I put together for such occasions. Contacts were made with Asia, Europe, and the lower 48 on CW, SB, and RTTY. Below are a few shots from the trip. Don - W5FKX

Don/KM5FP upon arrival in Anchorage at 0500 UTC on 15 June after 11 hrs of travel time. After a 2 hour ride and 3 hrs of sleep, we were out fishing!

The cabin - the string used to hoist the 100 ft random wire antenna is visible in the tree.

How's this for a compact, carry-on, all-mode station? IC-706MkII, Astron SS-25 power supply, Kam+, MFJ10160 tuner, mic, Vibroplex Code Warrior paddle, and assorted cables.

I brought a ground rod - 3 ft of bronze rod with a lug-bolt and a handle for easy insertion and removal. Note the 100 ft extension cord (provided by the lodge) that goes to the lodge generator. The cabins have no power.

Don/W5FKX finds a few minutes of operating time.

Some people just fly right out to the fishing holes.

Don/KM5FP trying for some cutthroats or King Salmon.

Well, we DID catch a few fish!

The QSL:

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