Marsh Island ** NA-120 ** November, 1999

Marsh Island (29.5N, 91.9W) is named after the Marsh family who donated the propery to the State of Louisiana. Located off the coast of Louisiana in Iberia Parish, the island is now a state-managed wildlife preserve with very strict and limited public access. Through the efforts of Max, K5PP, the team was allowed to stay on the island and use excellent lodging facilities for the duration of the operation.

WX5L - Randy, N5UR - Buzz, AD5A - Mike, W5ZPA - Mike (K5PP - Max took the picture)

Operating HQ: Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries Station
The Hex beam did a great job.
Its a tough job, but someone has to do it!

73 de K5PP, N5UR, AD5A, WX5L,W5ZPA

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