The philosophy of Woodland West is based upon the belief that the children are the source of our future.  We believe all children can learn and expect them to realize their potential.

We strive to provide for human growth and development of the students by nurturing within the children a strong self-concept, a sense of self-discipline, a sense of self-direction, and respect for their fellow man.  We believe a good educational institution should stress the physical, emotional, intellectual, and social growth of children. 

We believe that flexibility of instruction and a variety of instructional materials are vital to meeting individual needs due to different learning styles and environmental, socio-economic, and cultural backgrounds of students. 

We believe that the relationship between the home and the school should be a harmonious one and parents should be given positive attitudes toward the school.  It is only through the home and school working together that a quality education can be provided for the students of Woodland West Elementary School.