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Membership Information


Basic Membership

There are two membership types, individual and family. A family membership includes husband, wife and dependent children through the age of 23 as claimed on your income tax return. When a dependent child becomes self-supporting or becomes 24 years old, he or she can no longer be included in your family membership. Likewise, if you would like to include your dependents in your individual membership, a conversion to a family membership is required.

Membership Information

Family Membership   ................... $95 Down/ $59 Monthly Dues
Individual Membership   ............... $75 Down/ $44 Monthly Dues

Corporate Memberships

YMCA Corporate membership rates are available when a minimal number of employees join. Memberships may be funded by the employer, the employee, or a shared commitment to the YMCA. The YMCA is the leader in helping employers encourage their employees to learn about and take more responsibility for their health.


Ninety-eight percent of our members pay their monthly dues through a pre-authorized bank draft system. Your bank will deduct your payment monthly and notify you by your canceled draft. These payments are continuous and occur automatically. Thirty days written notice is required for bamk draft termination.

If you prefer, annual payments can be made before your anniversary date via check, Cash, VISA or MasterCard. Renewals beyond sixty days must be accompanied by a new joining fee. Joining fee and membership dues are not refundable, transferable or credited.

ACCESS Memberships

Based on household income and family size, the YMCA ACCESS Program uses a sliding scale to make membership affordable to all families and individuals. This is funded by community and corporate contributions. To determine your eligibility or to apply, ask to speak to your Member Service Director.


Branch nurseries are available to members and non-members attending classes.

To Better Serve You:

YMCA Policies

Because all of us - members, staff and volunteers - want our YMCA to be the best it can be, we ask you to observe the following policies: no smoking or alcohol and no profanity or abusive language. The YMCA reserves the right to revoke any membership. All fees are subject to change. Membership privileges and cards are not refundable, transferable or credited.

Membership Cards or Membership Dues

Your YMCA membership card is your passport to the Y's activities and services. Always present it to staff at the Membership Service Desk upon arrival. This policy protects your investment in the YMCA. Your card must be returned upon cancellation of your membership or upon demand of the YMCA.

Conditions of the Registration

Two easy ways to register for the Fall offerings:

Walk-in:Stop by the YMCA Branch where the program is offered. A Member Service Representative will gladly assist you.

Mail-in:Fill out the registration form in the back and mail it to the YMCA Branch where the program is offered.

Please note:Many programs fill-up quickly, so availability may be limited.

Branch Addresses:

Lee Circle YMCA 568-9622
920 St. Charles Ave., New Orleans 70130
East Jefferson Family YMCA 888-9622
6691 Riverside Dr., Metairie 70003
Youth Center 779-9486
3216 Power Blvd.Metairie 70003
Superdome YMCA 568-9622 x 250
La. Superdome, Poydras St.,New Orleans 70112
West St. Tammany YMCA 893-4800
19335 N. 9th Street,Covington 70433
Corporate Office 779-9622
3216 Power Blvd. Metairie 70003


Your child's safety is a top priority at the Y! During swimtime and while in organized programs, this is easily accomplished. However, this is not the case for children who are left at the YMCA for lengthy periods of time. Therefore, children who are not enrolled in organized programs or who are not with a parent should not remain at the Y for more than two consecutive hours.


Daily guest fees are $8.00 at all YMCA branches. If you would like to introduce the Y to a friend, please ask for a free guest pass. The YMCA reserves the right to limit guess passes and only allows one free visit per individual or family each year. A photo ID is required. Children must be accompanied by a parent.

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