The YMCA has been a recognized leader in swimming instruction for over a century. We have taught millions of children and adults how to swim and enjoy the water. This summer, let us teach your child.

To help us place your child in the correct swim level, please look over these descriptions before enrolling your child.

Parent/Child Water Orientation (Ages 6 - 36 Months) A parent- child program for children 6 months to 3 years of age, this fun-filled water orientation class provides activities which will prepare a child to move well, improve strength, flexibility, coordination and self confidence. This class also encourages beginning water safety skills.

Preschool Swim Lessons (Ages 3 – 5 yr.) **These skills must be achieved before moving on to the next level. Instructor accomplishes this through student evaluation.***

PIKE: Enter and leave water safely; flutter kick 20 foot on kick board; back float 30 seconds with aid; blow bubbles with face in; safety jumping; safety skills.

EELS: Use of life jacket; jump in and swim 20 feet with flotation; front glide 5 feet; back float 10 seconds.

RAYS: Throwing assists; swim 40-feet front crawl with rhythmic breathing; front float 30 seconds; flutter- back scull 40 feet.

STARFISH: Tread water 30 seconds.; swim 25 yards, front crawl with rhythmic breathing without flotation; front survival float 1 minute; swim 25 yards on back without flotation; swim length of pool (no flotation, front or back)

Youth Swim Lessons (Ages 6 – 12 yr.)

POLLIWOG: Walk/Swim away from the wall, turn around and grab for the wall; front/back float with/out a float belt; step off the side of the pool, paddle up, and swim to the side; paddle 25 yards with float belt on front, back, and side; scull for 1 minute with/out float belt.

GUPPY: Front/back float for 1 minute without a float belt; tread water for 20-30 seconds with/out float belt; jump into deep water, paddle stroke 15 feet, roll to a back float for 10 seconds, return to the side of the pool without a float belt.

MINNOW: Tread water for 1 minute using a scissors kick; 25 yard crawl without flotation; 25 yard breaststroke without flotation; 25 yard side stroke without flotation; 25 yard back stroke without flotation; 25 yard elementary backstroke without flotation.

FISH: Float for 6 minutes on back/front without a float belt using minimum movement; tread water in deep water for 3 minutes using a combination of kicks; swim 50 yd. (without flotation) of crawl, breast, back, sidestroke, elementary backstroke; swim 25 yd. of butterfly; head first and feet first sculling for 45 feet each.

FLYING FISH: Tread water in deep water for 6 minutes using a combination of kicks; swim 100 yards without flotation of crawl, breast, back, sidestroke, elementary backstroke; swim 50 yards of butterfly; perform a flip turn for the crawl and backstroke.

SHARK: Swim 100 yard crawl stroke with flip turn; swim 100 yard breast stroke with a pull out; swim 50 yards of inverted breaststroke; swim 100 yards of backstroke with dolphin kick start and streamlining; swim 50 yards of overarm sidestroke; swim 25 yards of butterfly, streamlined and push off; swim.