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Works by African American Artists in Louisiana, Inspired by Objects From SUNO's African Art Collection

Exhibition Tour: Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans) Feb. 6 - March 14, 1999; Southeastern Louisiana University, Spring, 1999; Louisiana State University, Summer 1999.

Over 50 Louisiana artists participated in this exhibition, showing how either a particular piece from SUNO's collections of African art (or in a few cases, part of the pre-Columbian collection) or African art could inspire their own work.

The artists chose masks from many cultures, figures, knives, pots, and textiles for their inspiration,

and created works in a wide range of media.

SUNO's collections are not just to look at -- we believe they must not only be looked at, but should also stimulate both academic knowledge and artistic creativity, and we hope more artists will be inspired both the art itself and these and any future pieces which have had their creation stimulated by our collections.

Some of the original art, being moved by Dr. Hollis & Ms. Ramirez of SUNO's art program and Mr. McCash of the CAC , to be displayed along with their "children"

Curated by Don Marshall & Dr. Sara Hollis

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