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About SUNO
Southern University at New Orleans is many things. It is a state university, part of Louisiana's Southern University system; it is an open-enrollment university, serving the varied needs of Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and especially the Greater New Orleans area; and it is an HBCU, and so was created to primarily serve the needs of the African American community in and around the Greater New Orleans area. Its mission is now that of an open enrollment institution, serving all who want access to higher education, but still see ourselves as especially serving the "socio-economically disadvantaged" of Greater New Orleans. Since opening its doors in 1959, SUNO has grown until now it averages about 4,000 undergraduates, and is striving to establish several graduate programs in addition to its well-known MSW program.

People instested in graduate progams should contact the department concerned, undergraduates may write to:
Office of Admissions
Southern University at New Orleans
6400 Press Drive
New Orleans, LA 70126


Leon Tarver II, PhD System President

Gerald C. Peoples, PhD SUNO's Chancellor, 1997-


Robert Gex, PhD Chancellor

"On behalf of the Southern University at New Orleans Community, I would like to welcome you to this showing of our African art collections. We hope that viewing these images will stimulate your interest in our collections as well as the cultures that produced them, and the community of scholars and students at SUNO devoted to the preservation of their collection."

Frank Martin, PhD, President of the Faculty Senate, 1994-1996.
"I believe that this website represents just the start of SUNO's on-line activities, and that all visitors will find this a trip well worth the taking. I'm glad visitors have this chance to see something of what we do at SUNO."

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The Center for African and African American Studies
(CAAAS) at Southern University at New Orleans was founded in 1989. The mission of the Center is to serve as a cultural, research, and teaching resource that will identify, collect, develop, p reserve, and disseminate new and expanded information and materials about the African heritage, the African American experience, and African and African American contributions to world civilization.

The Center has three major components: the Institute for Innovative Jazz, which offers workshops for local high school students in Jazz improvisation and composition; the Institute of Performing Arts, which provides training in the theory and practice of performance and in technical production skills (the institute produces and/or present sponsors a play by an African or African American playwright each semester); and the Archives, which collects, catalogues, and preserves works of art, historical resource materials, personal papers, and documents. The Archives also promotes oral history projects. The Archives has administrative responsibility for the African art collection.

Rev. Dwight Webster
was named the director of CAAAS in August, 1995. He is a graduate of Howard University and holds a Master of Divinity from Colgate Rochester Divinity School/Bexley Hall/Crozer Theological Seminary in Rochester, New York. He has completed all work but the dissertation for the PhD at the Graduate Theological Union with the University of California and the Pacific School of Religion at Berkeley, and expects to complete the dissertation ("Gospel Music in America, 1960-1980: Survival, Elevation and Liberation Themes in a Contemporary Black Folk Sacred Tradition") in 1996.

Rev. Webster has been a visiting NEH fellow in Princeton's Afro-American Religious Studies Institute, held numerious appointments (including interim coordinator of the African American History & Culture Department of the New Orleans Public Schools and interim director/dean of the program of Black Studies at Colgate Rochester), taught many courses at four New Orleans area universities, and is senior pastor at Chrisitian Unity Baptist Church. He is also a noted community activist, including active membership in groups such as the Ecumenical Housing Assistance Ministries, Habitat for Humnaity, and the Jeremiah Group (a broad-based community coalition affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, of which Rev. Webster is both a co-founder and a co-leader). He is also well-known for leading church and community groups abroad, including trips to South America, Gambia and Senegal, and Cuba.

Ms. Tommye Myrick is the assistant director and director of SUNO's theatre.


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About CASS
The College of Arts & Social Sciences houses not only the Project Director & Co-Director, but many of the scholars who contribute their time to the study of the Collections and to the study of African history and culture, as well as many of the students who choose to study, and minor, in African and African American Studies. The Departments include Social Science, Fine Arts & Philosophy, English & Print Journalism, Foreign Languages, Criminal Justice, and Psychology.
Ding Kuo is the Dean of the College.
"We are pleased to have our University's collections presented on-line, and hope that this leads to greater interest in our holdings, our scholars, and our students."

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This project, officially titled "Enhancement of the Fine Arts through the Aesthetic, Historical and Philosophical Foundations of African Art," is funded by a grant from LEQSF (the Louisiana Educational Quality Support Fund).

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SUNO's Title III Satellite Telecommunications Network Interface Program is a comprehensive educational telecommunications service and production center. The services provided by this Federally-funded facility impact, it is estimated, over 80,000 people per year via daily cable, microwave, video-playback, and/or satellite networking.

The nature and content of the programming produced and/or networked through SUNO TV Presents is targeted to the higher education and continuing education needs of SUNO's predominently African American population. The services include:

For further information, contact the program coordinator, Michael H. Meehan, SUNO TV Presents, (504) 286-5215; FAX (504) 286-5131; e-mail mmeehan@sunovm.suno.edu

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